• Rice farming is both historic and historically perfect

    It's been discovered that rice farming is a far older practice than we originally thought. It was developed by the Indus tribes many thousands of years ago. And, thankfully, it's only gotten better and more efficient as a result of civilization refining its farming techniques over those thousands of years.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The researchers say this may have been down to the environmental variation in this part of the former civilisation: on the seasonally flooded Ghaggar-Hakra plains where different rainfall patterns and vegetation would have lent themselves to crop diversification - potentially creating local food cultures within individual areas. This variety of crops may have been transported to the cities. Urban hubs may have served as melting pots for produce from regional growers, as well as meats and spices, and evidence for spices have been found elsewhere in the region.

  • Yes, rice farming has been perfected by civilization.

    Yes, rice farming has been perfected by civilization because technology has led to so many advances in the way we grow produce. Our crops are totally revolutionized by the way we water them and access them. Technology has led to fruits and vegetables that would not have been grown before.

  • Nothing is ever perfect.

    No, rice farming has not been perfected by civilization, because any activity can always be made better. As soon as society thinks they have perfected something, an inventor will come out with a new product or device. That will make rice farming even better. Constant improvements is how society continues to move forward.

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