Has Russia's international reputation suffered because of media coverage of Putin's openly anti-gay views?

  • To an extent, yes

    Putin is open about his anti-gay views. International events like the Olympics greet people from all over the world. I think most of them are aware of putin's strict homophobia. Another example is how a lot of countries have accepted gay rights which makes Russia stand out. I vote yes.

  • Putin's openly anti-gay views are hurting Russia

    Although much of the international community is moving towards more openness and accepting of gays and lesbians, Russia is moving backwards, being pushed by Putin's openly anti-gay views. Coverage of this in the international media is allowing the rest of the world to see that, and react. The reaction has been largely negative in the international community, and Russia's international reputation is suffering because of it.

  • Russia's International Reputation

    I personally think that Obama’s appointment of celebrated sportswoman Billie Jean King, a Hall of Fame tennis player who is openly gay and was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as well as openly gay Caitlin Cahow, a hockey player and Olympic silver and bronze medalist, is a direct rebuke to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose anti-gay campaign has been well underway since he resumed the presidency in 2012.

  • Yes, Putin's homophobia has harmed Russia's reputation.

    Yes, the homophobia of the Russian government has harmed the worldwide image of the country. Most of the West has accepted that sexual orientation is not a choice, and so by making laws against the practice and forbidding people from promoting equality, Russia makes itself look like a less progressive nation.

  • This time next year (unfortunately) no one will remember

    Firstly, lets not forget that there are many states in America that have more backward homosexual laws than Russia and no one seems to care (http://thinkprogress.Org/lgbt/2014/02/03/3241421/9-state-gay-propaganda-laws/). This is time next year it will be old news in 6 months time.

    Many people disregarded Putin's views on homosexuality when he helped prevent an intervention in Syria and for protecting Snowden for the NSA spying. Given Putin being more tactful in the Middle East, he will come across as even more powerful world leader. In fact if you look at polls in Egypt now, more people support Russia over the US, which was not the case this time last year.

  • No, I do not believe his reputation has been affected in the least.

    I do not think Putin's openly anti-gay views have affected Russia's international reputation in any way whatsoever. I do not think Putin's anti-gay views came as a surprise to anyone. It is only because of the Olympics that his views were all over the media. Had it not been for the Sochi Winter Games, his views would have simply been shrugged off.

  • His reputation has not suffered because many other countries hold the same views.

    Russia's international reputation has not suffered because of media coverage of Putin's openly anti-gay views. Not every country is going to agree on the views of homosexuality, and Russia is not the only country against it. The Middle East is full of countries against it. We need to stop harassing other countries just because they don't believe in sexuality the same way some countries in the west do.

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