Has school become more about just getting a good grade then actually learning?

Asked by: Bobfcsoccer
  • School has become about grades not learning

    Schools in the United States have become focused on getting higher standardized test scores versus teaching their students what they need to know. I recently graduated from high school two years ago and the school system breifly brushed the surface on how to do ones taxes or how our government and economic system works and we were only taught enough to pass to get our diplomas. I still do not know how to do my taxes without someone else's help. They did not even tell me that fafsa exsited let alone help us understand how it worked and when we would be able to apply for it. And it is because teachers get paid based on the test scores

  • Uh yea alot

    The teachers make students memorize and not learn and they make kids do tests and hold them back if they do not pass. 27 more words needed and i have nothing to add on this arguement. 13 more words... 10 more words... 7 more words... 4 more words... 1 more word... Done

  • I am in school...I know

    I most definitely has. I saw my teacher tell another student the reason he is seated between 2 red-neck losers with no hope for a successful life. They will be a hindrance on society and do absolutely nothing with their lives all because the no child left behind program as failed every single in a school in this god-forsaken country. There is no hope for this world with the current education system. Anyway i digress. He said that he is placed between them because he is smart and they need to cheat off of his work so they can pass and he does not lose his job for having so many failing students. Screw him and his flawed education system that he clings to with his heart.

  • Memorize for the grade

    Schools in the U.S. focus on test scores and grades rather than actually understanding the information. It's about memorization to get the grade. Teachers constantly tell us grades don't matter but then afterwards yell at us for getting C's and under. Teachers force us to get goods grades or we suffer consiquenses even parents tell us that it's all about the grade. I get punished for B's because it only matters if students get good grades instead of enjoying and learning instead of memorizing.

  • Many schools are about more than just grades

    Whilst the term 'school' is a big generalisation and one that is difficult to firmly conclude on, in a lot of respects many schools are not just about getting good grades. There are some schools that are purely about attaining grades, but my current school for one is not just about grades, and this is the case with a multitude of educational establishments. Most schools have a plethora of extra curricular activities available for the taking, and whilst it is up to the student if they bother to take this opportunity; if you participate in them, and the right ones, you will come out of them an individual who knows more about the world and particularly how to work with people - which in my opinion is the most important thing one should learn in life.
    The Qualification factors in to the situation as well. A Levels are in many respects purely grade based, however taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme I can tell you that the qualification certainly takes a giant leap to making an individual leave school as a rounded person. As well as a broad subject range, you have the core (involving an Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and CAS) which predisposes you to leaving school as an individual who knows how to manage themselves and has not purely been seeking grades. I would also note that learning does not necessarily mean learning straight away about taxes and the world of life, learning I believe means more 'learning and retaining' rather than just being able to regurgitate information on a page. Learning about taxes comes in time, and a lot of schools also run HSE sessions which introduce individuals to this; however schools cannot be simply being educated about taxes the entire time, that would I imagine be an unreliable differentiator of people's ability. Schools also allow a person to learn about the world around them through the natural sciences, and they can learn more about the subject(s) they are passionate about and progress further in them, without learning the subjects as we do today we would not have the engineers, scientists, doctors, etc of the world; and we would not have the Tim Peakes and Stephen Hawkings of the world helping to revolutionise the realm of science.
    Naturally this entire argument is based on the school and their ethos as well, however given that the IB is an international programme as the name lends itself to; I believe that the idea "school" has become just about attaining grades is wrong, as in many schools that is most definitely not the case.

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