• Science needs to catch up with science fiction.

    Science needs to catch up with science fiction. I feel that science has definitely disappointed
    us because I don’t see many of the technologies I grew up seeing in science
    fiction movies. Where are the flying
    cars that can run on trash? Where are
    the machines that allow us to teleport?

  • No, definitely not

    Science has caught up alot. Especially when our older predictions for the present age.

    Remember, 2001: space odyssey showed that we only have travelled up to Jupiter. In reality, we've traveled past Pluto and past our solar system in the modern age.

    If you look at the older star trek shows/movies. I am not sure about the timeline of the show, but look at look at the tech we have and what they have. Our tech is almost similar to the shows and they are far in the future. Minus the long distance space travel and hype jump by people.

    Well we haven't gotten the delorien or flying cars yet. We are still working on it. They are getting closer and closer everyday. We do have prototypes for flying cars buy its not commercialized yet due to it still being in the testing phase.

    I would blame government budgets. We have some countries that done even spend a dime on advancement of tech. Also, you have some countries that only spend a dime, which you cant even do much with. (for every 100$ a U.S. citizen pays in taxes, only 50 cents goes to NASA.)

    Regardless of those factors, we have advanced more in other fields then the past movies have predicted. We will have the flying cars in our lifetime tho.

  • Science Doesn't Disappoint

    Science has led to many modern discoveries and technological innovations. It is not, however, the ultimate authority, and people who seek solely scientific explanations or base their lives on scientific theories are quite likely to be badly disappointed. Science cannot yet - and indeed may never will - explain everything in the human experience.

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