Has science proven how the first living organism arrived on earth?

Asked by: thedmob4722
  • Yes and yes I'm Christian. I even got the information from a book supporting christianity.

    So their is many substances that make up the cell that are needed to be created like for example Nitrogen and Hydrogen and these substances are from stars but the scientists also think a comet came with made organisms from somewhere else. Back to the first conclusion the problem is that the likely hood of a single cell being created is like one out of one with sixty zeros behind it for every conclusion so everything has to be perfect for like 6 billion years to make the cell and of course that's already out 'cause the earth is not that old. The alien problem goes back to the first problem since how and when were they made and yet technically Atheists and scientists basically made the aliens play god so they are really religious.

  • No it has not.

    Science has said that evolution has occurred and we have evolved from lots of species, but it has not provided an answer as to how did the first living thing arrive/come to exist on earth.

    For those who give the answer of abiogenesis, I almost want to laugh. How can any logical person believe in something coming to life from an inanimate object/substance?

  • No, but the question is faulty.

    Science has not proved exactly how abiogenesis occurred. Even though there is a lot of research a complete scheme is not available even though one can make very educated guesses as top how these schemes would look . The problem with this question is it seems to posit that somehow life arrived on Earth from somewhere else and that makes no sense as in all probability life arose on Earth through abiogenesis and not through some extraterrestrial means.

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  • No, Not Yet

    If we throw out the obvious problem about science "proving" something, we come to the question about where life came from. One thought is panspermia, which has potential, but basically just pushes the question back a step.

    Then we get to abiogenesis, which is actually a number of different theories, all suggesting that life arose from non-life. We see organic molecules forming naturally, and phospholipids (cell membranes) naturally coming together into speriods. Nearly every step has been shown to occur naturally; this is currently the best explanation of the presence of life on Earth, even though it hasn't been "proven."

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