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  • People don't need to go out any more

    People used to need to go out with their friends to find out about their lives but now they can find out from their computer screen without any real human contact or conversation. People no longer need to be able to communicate properly with others due to the fact that the internet is doing it for them. And also the ability to use internet phones to check social media sights has turned places like coffee shops and cafes into non social areas. Instead of approaching strangers to be entertained in new situations people are just pulling out their phones and checking their social media so that they can feel connected to others without actually being connected to others.

  • Yes, it has

    Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have made us less social. Instead of going out with friends and enjoying your time with family, people just use these sites. Statistics from 2012 show there are 845 million monthly active users on Facebook. Statistics also show that 250 million photos are uploaded onto Facebook in one day in 2012.

  • Yes it makes us WAY less social

    Think about it some people in other countries have no social media sites and never will whereas we couldn't last one day without ours because we would lose more supposed "friends" . Honestly I think it's pathetic that we can't sit down and just talk face to face. Personally I would rather have five REAL friends than 1000 virtual ones. Wouldn't you?

  • Hell to the yes

    I could totally give a thousand reasons on how social media is making us less social but the only thing I'm going to add to this endless argument is that the advancement of technology is great, something we should be proud of and thankful for. But the advancement of technology shouldn't mean us humans should de-advance. The simple fact is that we are too reliant on our phones, yes for important things such as research and staying in contact with long distanced friends but now also for absolutely pointless things such as being reminded of things because of Facebook. Our grandparents could remember things without social media so we can too. There's no point being lazy and pinning it on social media and the advancement of technology.

  • "Social" = Socialism

    It used to be that you could be social when you wanted to be, and be alone when you wanted to be. Now everyone is expected to socialize ALL THE TIME. This is exactly what communism demands: that we constantly inform on each other to prevent anyone from being different. The USA used to be a nation of individualists, but we are now being brainwashed into becoming socialists. Time to remember you have character and that it's okay to have a personality as well!

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas i am a barbie girl

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaas that is true , social media made us less social but still it has no afing sense it is call '''social '' media . I am addicted to the social media . Twitter , facebook , instagram , tumblr . Dog cat dolphin , penguin , sharks , finished 50 words

  • They no longer care the surrounding

    Those who are texting while walking don't even look bother to look up where they are going. This has brought up loads of accidents. In addition, children who are playing online games (eg. COC), appear to be flared with aggression when they lost due to the disturbance. They don't care what's wrong around them.

  • Taking time away

    We spend too much time looking for pleasure down at our social media outlets. What we need to begin doing is looking up and seeing what is directly in front of us. We all have the need to socialize but how can we do that with one another (with passion) if we are reluctant on technology

  • Yes social media does make us anti-social.

    What is the point of knowing what is happening with someone who is miles away from you when yoou are unaware of what is even happening in a radius of 2 feet from you? Social media makes you feel like you are being social. That is a very big misconception. Being social means being with them, being in the moment, sensing their physical presence. You might have a 1000+ friends on facebook but that doesn't make you social. Is the true meaning of being social dependent on how much you talk to someone through a social media website or how many apparent 'friends' you have? No it isn't. Because you being present in a virtual, unreal world, making friends there thinking oh I'm so social, doesn't make you social. In fact, studies have proven that people who talk a lot on social networking sites are usually the ones who don't have too many real friends to spend time with or talk to. One can also mislead a person by faking their identity via a social media website. Communicating information via chatting with someone can lead to the misinterpretation of the tone as well which may result in the formation of misunderstandings.

  • No it isn't making us less social

    Well... For those who think these sites makes us less social, just think. You say we have to meet up and meet strangers and speak with people whom we don't meet everyday. If these sites weren't there, how would we contact them? And these sites are improving our skills on speaking to people. So I say these sites are very helpful and it ain't making us less social

  • No, and I bet this has been asked every time a new technology has been developed

    Social media has, in many ways, made us more social. I don't know about you, but I now know what my brother-in-law in Paris is doing, what my neighbor up the street had for dinner last night, and all about my friend's latest date. Before social media, I was unable to keep up with so many people. Social media did not stop me from going out or seeing people. In fact, it helped me remember more people than I did before (I'm horrible at names!). I bet that when the Pony Express came about, people complained that it was making people less social. "Why don't you go and talk to people like you used to?!?" Yes, some people use it as an excuse not to go out, but then those are the type of people who were anti-social anyhow. To blame a technology for human behavior is ludicrous.

  • NO Stop blaming social media

    It gives people thing
    s to talk about.
    I know me and my friends talk about everything that goes on social media for example, the new game flappy bird. There were so many ads on instagram about this flappy bird a bunch of people downloaded it, everyone started talking about it and you would keep talking to the people who you were talking about an internet craze about other things.

  • No; How can it when it has actually accelerated communication?

    Social media was created to facilitate the creation of new relationships and maintenance of friendships in this fast-paced world of ours. It has accelerated global and local communication at speeds unattainable in the past. Since communication is the backbone of social interaction, it is ludicrous to say social media is making us less social. Social media eliminates the factor of distance, A FACTOR THAT ACTUALLY DETERS PEOPLE FROM BEING MORE SOCIAL, along with other barriers.

  • No, it has not.

    I am getting ready to debate this topic over at a university with my debate program and the fact that we are all connected via facebook makes it a lot easier for us to relate with one another. The fact that social media has made such an impact on our lives today, is amazing. Not only does it let you know when your friends have been at restaurants or show you pictures that you wouldn't normally see in person, but with just those few things it helps us grow a better social understanding with each other. Therefore I personally believe that it does NOT make us less social and if anything it makes us more connected with our friends.

  • Social media is a support of social relation:

    I think we need to stop to make a close borders between social media and real life, because people who have all the social interactions with social media are just exception. The majority of people have social interactions with real people but when they cannot they use social media for still have social interaction.

  • Life is not the same.

    When I was growing up, I had a hunger to socialize and interact with people. In fact, I hated being at home or alone. Now, with the proliferation of social media and the Internet, I often speak to just one person a whole day. It's my opinion that the Internet did this. I find myself longing for real human interaction, but when in public I realize why I tend to keep to myself: People have seemingly lost the ability to interact or have fun in "real life" anymore. Not only are our social skills waning, but motivation and creativity seem to be at an all-time low. People used to create or work for entertainment if for no other reason. Now they check Instagram. People seem so distant even when they're right in front of you these daysIt is wrong to blame social media for personal choices. Friends and family that are countries apart now feel closer to each other. Long-distance relationships are now a reality. Sitting in the UK, we can instantly get news from America to Syria. All this was not possible during the days when it took a month or more for letters to reach one place to another, when newspapers took a day or two to report the happenings of another country.

    As for more closer loved ones, we may choose to keep in touch with them through aloof manners like posting on their Facebook wall or texting them rather than visiting them when they live just down the street. But we cannot blame technology for this. If we choose to face them digitally rather than personally, it is our own fault for being too busy or tired (or worse, lazy). There are people using social media to plan old friend reunions and family get-togethers. It's because they used technology to their advantage.

    For these reasons, it is not social media that has made us less social -- it is we ourselves who have created distances and barriers.
    Posted by: PranksALot

  • No; How can it when it has actually accelerated communication?

    Social media was created to facilitate the creation of new relationships and maintenance of friendships in this fast-paced world of ours. It has accelerated global and local communication at speeds unattainable in the past. Since communication is the backbone of social interaction, it is ludicrous to say social media is making us less social. Social media eliminates the factor of distance, A FACTOR THAT ACTUALLY DETERS PEOPLE FROM BEING MORE SOCIAL, along with other barriers.

    Posted by: Ekso
  • Social Media has made us Social Beings

    Whenever I come across this word “Social Media”, somehow I am convinced that the word “Social” used here is quite apt to define the entire term itself. Yes, Social Media is actually making us “Social Beings”. I can never think of my story without giving a “#tag” mention to Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. I genuinely feel that the virtual world is actually more social and happening than the real world. Who has that precious time to meet their buddies or families or love-mates? In this world of appointments, schedules, time-tables, who has the capacity to deal each and every person with equal efficacy?
    I think, my life would have been lonelier if I couldn’t be able to-
    • Text my mates at one click.
    • Spread my thoughts at the speed of 0-100 persons/second.
    • Revolutionize the whole society in an hour.
    This list is endless and same goes with the utility of social media in our lives.
    What if I can’t meet or be there with my loved ones in the real world, I can be with them anytime, anywhere through the virtual world.

  • Living in world in these days we need Internet and we need social media

    Since the dawn of time people are like rabbits and Earth is full of us now. To communicate with other people, around our beautiful world, we need something quick and efficient. We cannot use pigeons with letter any longer. We have projects that need our immediate attention, work that will fall apart without us, our friends' problems that we should look at. Social media helps us attend everything in our lives on time and it helps us talk to people on the other side of the Earth. From California I can talk (I mean I can actually see him) to my small brother in Europe every weekend.
    Social media presents more positive than negative outcomes.
    And by the way, aren't we participating in social media right now?

  • How does it make us less social?

    I will agree with the opposing side that yes we see more and more people texting or chatting with their friends while waiting for something. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are being anti-social, they're probably BEING social with someone else, on the other side of the chat-room.
    What does social mean though? It means communication with other people, social media is just another way of doing it. A way which hasn't been accepted by the older generations as it is virtual.
    The human race is social by nature; WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook etc. allows us to do exactly that.
    Besides what about relatives living in other countries? My older brother is currently studying in England and the rest of the family lives in Germany. Yes, we write the occasional letter... But our main communication device is our phone and consequently; WhatsApp and Skype. They allow us to chat and video call with our family members, friends and sometimes even business partners.
    These are things that are obviously keeping us in touch with each other; and effectively keep us socializing with people beyond our village.

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