• Sony vs other brands: Who is on top?

    Sony used to be a well known household name when it came to technology, however, as new brands are emerging they are failing to keep up with the market and becoming more of an ancient brand of yesteryear. Other names such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are more thought of first then Sony.

  • I think so

    You don't really hear about Sony that much anymore. All of the new and cool stuff is coming from Microsoft and Apple. They need to come out with something awesome to catch up with their competitors. Some of us old school kids like Sony stuff, but when it comes to newer products, they are falling behind.

  • Sony isn't done

    Sony isn't done. A lot of companies go through ebbs and flows. It is a natural part of competition as well. Sony will become competitive again because will be intent upon surviving. They are still a giant in the tech world, but for now they are just a sleeping giant.

  • No, It is making a slow recovery.

    Sony may have lost out with its VAIO range of laptops, but it is vastly ahead of its competitors in terms of its gaming products such as the PS4 and PS Vita. This goes together with the progress it is making towards making 3D reality a reality in the near future. It continues to make high quality televisions too.

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