Has Stephen Curry made the Warriors one of the hottest teams in basketball?

  • Yes, Stephan Curry made Warriors one of the hottest teams in NBA

    I agree that Stephen Curry made Golden State Warriors one of the hottest teams in today's basketball. He is a great asset to the team and it doesn't seem that he can be easily stopped. Other teams don't have proper solution to stop Stephen Curry and Warriors use that to keep winning.

  • Yes, Stephen Curry is a fantastic basketball player.

    Before Stephen Curry joined the Golden State Warriors, I had never even really heard of the team. He is on fire right now and he only continues to get better every year. He is the next big NBA superstar. I can't wait to see what stats he breaks in his next season.

  • What can be hotter than an MVP and NBA Finals appearance?

    Steph Curry has become the face for a franchise that has been lacking presence since the days of the Chris Mullin and Tim Hardaway. He is the current league MVP, He is a "good" guy among professional athletes, and his mom is hot. Those elements combined creates a must watch basketball team in Golden State.

  • The Warriors won't win with Curry

    The Warriors had high hopes for Stephen Curry but he has not been able to deliver. Although he has been the MVP, Stephen game was just not up to his normal skill level. He missed 18 shots during game 2. The Warriors will have to rely on some of its other strong players until Curry gets his head back in the game.

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