• When will it stop

    In today's society children are worried when they do not have their cell phones at school. The sad fact is many of this generation is so caught up about what is happening right now that the do not know how to read and write. The use of grammar is not as important as it was when I was growing up. Our children do not know how to speak face to face, but with social media they feel free to say whatever they want.

  • Slowly but it's becoming more evident

    Even as we are debating here right now it's clear in the information age technology has become bread and butter of our lives. Technology is in no way in control and fictional stories such as found in the Terminator seems highly unlikely but under a technocratic government it's possible we might become deceived by our own mechanical creations and make "new" mistakes that we haven't made in past history.

  • Sure thing boss

    If the power grid went down, because of a solar flare or enemy action, 90% of our population would die. So, in a sense, we ARE slaves to technology. Without power, we would have no water in major cities. No food would be delivered. The only ones who would survive would be the ones with well stocked shelters, or those who could live off the land. Slaves indeed.

  • Yes it has to a certain point.

    We have become too relent on technology. We know that when we didn't have technology we also had fewer health issues.Most people had close to perfect vision. Now look at people either most of us are fat or close to seeing nothing. Now look at your behavioral pattern. When GOOGLE wasn't or internet wasn't around we use to think for our self. Now we can just google our question and our answer is there. We are getting there to a point where we are going to be in slaved by technology but not fully yet.

  • Technology has not enslaved man kind

    Are you sure technology has enslaved man kind if any one has we have we have chosen to have technology but WHAT WE DO AFFECTS US AND OTHERS AROUND. IF ANYTHING WE HAVE ENSLAVED US we and only we have the right to control ourselves i know we have the right to control our selves

  • No it has not it has done the opposite.

    No because i am now able to watch pornography how ever i want, when ever i want and where ever i want. And plus it means i can now easily get someone to give me a nice tug instead of me masturbating you should try it some time it is really nice just saying

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