• Yes, fluff over the last 6 years

    Aircraft B-747 (c1970) Spacecraft Still rocket just like the 1960's Amtrak trains..Enough said ( no bullet trains yet) smart phones 2009, Internet has grown over the last 25 years which is the main fluff ( We were dating,hooking up, traveling, banking just fine...But hey Amazon is a great. 1975 Predictions of Talking computers, Video phones, automated cars, household robots, and biobed-medical scanners running 20 years behind projection, which is the definition of stalled.

  • No, it certainly hasn't

    Actually, I don't even understand why anyone would think that. I suppose that technical devices have become so prevalent so quickly in today's world, that is hard to see any apparent advances. However, technological innovations are constantly taking place, so much so that what is taken for granted now might very well be obsolete within 10 to 20 years.

  • No, it hasn't

    While it may appear like on the surface it has, technology is constantly improving and moving forward. The "normal" person may not see this as much other than in cell phones and computers, but medical technology is continually moving forward, as well as entertainment, communication, and transportation. Technological innovation will never stop.

  • No, technology is ever changing.

    Technology is always changing. People invent new ways to make improvements on products we already use. Even looking at smart phones, they are still changing. Apple has had multiple versions of their iPhone because they are constantly making upgrades and advancements. The same is true with tablets. Technology has not stalled. More companies have just caught up.

  • No It's Not

    Technological innovation is not stalled out. It is actually far from it and moving forward at an all time rate. Technology is everywhere around us and constantly progressing on many levels. Technology innovation has not been stalled out in many years. It seems like every day someone is coming up with a new and creative idea.

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