• Yes, technology bred dependence in modern people.

    Each new technological advancement generally does engender a degree of dependence on the part of contemporary people. History is replete with examples of this phenomena. For example, with the introduction of the automobile, people from all walks of life ultimately became generally dependent upon this mode of transport. The development of the Internet has rendered people the world over dependent on this resource for communication, information, entertainment and a wide range of other activities.

  • Technology has created a lack of need to know certain basic skills.

    Technology has created dependence by taking away a need to know certain basic skills in society. For example, it reduces the need to know how to write when one can just type into a computer screen. It reduces the need to know how to research thorougly, when one can just Google something.

  • No, technology has not made people dependent.

    Developments in technology have opened up the chance to learn so much more from anywhere in the world. The rise in technology has provided people with more opportunities than ever before. It has also given people the chance to engage with people with similar interests and to increase their chances to connect with new ideas and people.

  • People could survive without technology if necessary.

    While people are less quick to adapt as the result of blips in technology, if faced with a situation in which they absolutely had to, they would survive without them. Technology makes many aspects of modern life convenient, but it is not essential to survival. To survive, people need only food, water, clothing and shelter.

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