• More green and less screen

    Everyday children are put to school. Most schools have computers. From personal experience teachers support kids with technology and encourage a life with this. Personal I strongly disagree and believe kids should be tought more green and less screen. But this differs for everyone. People haven't got time and some jobs also include screens but limiting this should be a highly needed goal.

  • Technology has destroyed the playground

    In the playground there is usually the sound of children socialising. As technology has destroyed the playground, these sounds are becoming less frequent. Technology is destroying children’s socialising abilities, meaning children are finding it hard to talk to one another without a screen in between them. Children aren’t able to socialise or solve problems by themselves because they can talk to their friends and find the answer to any problem on the internet without ever leaving the house.

  • Less screen, more green!

    This so called digital nation is simply a lazy parents excuse for parenting. Instead of interacting with their child, they plug them in. Instead of reading with them, they plug them in. There is no better interaction than that of a human being. Kids don't know how to play anymore! They can't socialize, problem solve or delve deeper into any meaningful topic because they have become surface dwellers, content to stop learning when they have received their answer. Get them outside! Unplug and talk to each other.

  • Bad for education and health

    Kids education could be low and in the future they could end up with nothing. It could be bad for there health because we all need vitamin c and they need to be active or they'll be fat and lazy. Your child could be bullied at school for there shape and size Im not saying we have to put technology down but parents need to act up and and give there child a limited of time on the computer. They could have enough time to do everything.

  • Yes,technology has destryed the playground.

    Yes,technology has destroyed the playground.In the olden days children played on the playground and most of their play involved large amounts of imagination.Nowadays kids spend very little time outside and have little use for imagination because video games offer few opportunities for people to use their own thought processes to entertain themselves.

  • Yes it has.

    Technology is amazing and wonderful, but there are some drawbacks. One of them is that more kids are not going outside to play and have a good time but are staying home to play video games. It causes playgrounds to not be used as often and therefore not funded as much.

  • Technology has destroyed the playground.

    Technology has changed the way kids play and it has had a negative effect on traditional children's games. Children are now encouraged to play alone in front of a computer screen rather than interacting with kids their own age. Real games, unlike video games, can teach kids about teamwork and leadership.

  • Technology has destroyed the play ground.

    Technology has destroyed the play ground. Because of the screens that children are put in front of for ours at a time, they seem to no longer know what the sun looks like or what playing outside it. They no longer want to leave their houses, instead using their screens all day.

  • No it hasnt tech

    People of age that still can run around still occasionally go to the park. What about people with limited mobility they can't run around and climb random things. Soooooooooo even though some might say that technology is ruining family that 'fact' is wrong, There are some games that are multiplayer so that family can play together. . .

  • Here Is The Translation: We Need The PlayStation!

    PlayStation has definitely not ruined the playground. People are overacting about this. PlayStation gives the child the opportunity to make a world where they can feel wanted. If someone tries to annoy you or bully you on the PlayStation, You can mute them. But in reality, You can't. PLAYSTAION RULES!

  • Technology has not destroyed the playground

    Technology has not destroyed the playground. This is because of the fact that people still find playgrounds fun to use. People still use playgrounds. People use technology a lot, but most people who are of the age to use a playground won't be using technology anyway, and will likely still use a playground.

  • Playgrounds Are Epic

    I do not believe technology has harmed the American playground at all. Our local playgrounds are far better now, then they were when I was a young child. Each playground has a variety of items to climb and traverse and each playground pretty much has a set of swings and a slide, usually more.

  • Technology Has Not Destroyed the Playground

    It is obvious that technology has not "destroyed" the play time of kids. Most playground time is during recess in elementary school, where cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed. Children young enough to still enjoy playing on the playground are also usually too young to own cell phones.

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