• Yes, technology makes us lazier.

    Technology has definitely made people lazier, but it has happened so slowly that most of us would not realize it. If we look at the lives people lived in pioneer times, for example, we see that they had to walk places, they had to grow, hunt, or raise their food, they had to write letters, etc. Nowadays, people can drive where they want to go, talk on the phone (or text or e-mail), buy processed foods, etc. A lot of even very basic things have made us lazy, such as the invention of the remote control.

  • People have become more lazy

    Technology has definitely made people more lazy. Even twenty years has made a big difference in how lazy people are. All the smartphones and computers, laptops, and tablets have improved life in many ways. They have also enabled people to not exert as much physical activity as ten years ago.

  • Physacally Not Mentally

    New tools always make people Physically lazier. It is like people in their cars, when they have to find the closet parking spot. They have to be closet to the store door because they do not want to walk an extra 10 feet. Technology is the same way with people not wanting to write by hand. They would rather type it on the computer and print it out.

  • Yes, it has.

    Not to say a little "Laziness" is bad for you time to time. But it certainly has made people lazier just sitting at home all day. As for working on a project, I think people are more productive. With new technology, people wish to create things with it. The average person may become lazier, but the dreamers with the will to pursue have a medium to get their work out there.

  • Heads Bent Down

    The arch back and hanging necks of the upcoming generations is a sign of the laziness that they will have. They don't have the motivation to do hard work, and there has never been a challenge that makes them stand up to try and grow in their strengths as learn from their weaknesses.

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