Has technology made the world an easier place to live in?

  • Yes, it has

    Technology has made many things easier in our lives because nowadays we can do many things that before we couldn't , for example, you can see by videochat your relatives in other countries and speak with them in the same way if they were with you but without touch, another example could be to search for things or places it's easier now, or education because you can take online classes and this would help you to save money and time.
    There are bad things too, but that is another topic because the question is: `If the world is easier with technology` not If it's better.

  • Make money online!

    About fifty years ago, everyone can run a new business only in a local area, but these days people are able to go into new business wherever they want.
    Actually, most of the traditional firms went bankrupt in recent decades, on the other hand, there has been a strong evidence that all of the modern businesses are booming.

  • ‘science is making the world a better place to live in ‘

    It’s really hard to imagine our life without technology. For instance, it was hard for people to communicate with their relatives’ who were not living in the same village, city or country. The only way to communicate was through post office, hand-to-hand delivery or other simple ways, which usually takes a lot of time and effort. Nowadays, it’s really easy to talk to any person in any country. In the last 20 years cell phones and Internet made communication much easier than before. My uncle lives in US, so whenever I want to contact him I give him a call through Skype or I use my mobile in case I don’t have internet connection at that time.

  • Helps with our care

    Yes i would agree that it has made a better place because we wouldn't have the stuff like the dentists or the doctors without technology. Now in days just about every thing needs technology to function. For example going to the dentist the way you get u teeth done is by technology. Yes it dose have some alternatives but in general it has made it easier to live in this world.

  • The greatest revolution is tenchnology

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  • Important tool to have

    Social media has progressed our society and made the world easier to live in. Although, it has made those around us seem far away and those far away closer, it has still made communication of any real world problems from all around accessible within minutes. If used correctly social media can be considered an essential tool instead of a luxury

  • Technology has made things easier... Not necessarily better.

    Technology has always provided an easier solution to something, removing several detrimental factors from any situation, from the pulley to the iPhone. Electronics and technology remove the need for movement and physical contact and interaction. A fine example would be turning in a project for a world history class. While some may bring it to the teacher on a piece of paper, others may submit it online without standing up once, and recieve feedback digitally as well. Technology makes several other activities and occupations easier, such as driving, grading, learning, and even manufacturing. Even past times like baseball, football, and many more are now available for viewing on a television, iPhone, iPad or computer from virtually anywhere in the world, not just the stadium where the game is being played. Technology also improves Transportation, allowing for commuting for work and international travel as well. However, easier means less work, and as we become less accustomed to work, our work ethic lowers, and we contribute less and less to society. If technology, like anything else, is used for an appropriate amount of things in life, it is certainly beneficial.

  • Communication is easier with technology.

    Technology has made our lives easier in many ways. For example, in school, technology makes it easier for one to communicate with a teacher, student, or other person. The students are not required to be in the same area as the teacher if they have a question. They can just send them an email and can receive a response. Communication is made easy as people do not have to schedule a time to meet, as the message will be there when the person has time to check.

  • Technology has advanced human life.

    Technology is a very broad topic. However, it can be narrowed to advancements in science for practical uses. History itself is a tome in which we can see how technology has progressed, and along with that, human civilization. The standards of living has greatly increased with the advent of technology. Compare the technology from the classic era to now. Then compare the standards of living which is determined by communication, knowledge, and ease of access. In relation to today, those three factors itself has greatly impacted the standards of living. Society has changed as technology has in a positive light.

  • Technology made us live easier.

    If you know how to use technology well, it is much faster and easier than not using it.
    For example, we can check our grade in skyward on your device whenever after teachers upload it. If we do not have this skyward, we need to have letters. While the letter coming to me, there are so many risk with it such as losing or people watch it. You and me do not want people see my grade without access.

  • NO communication between people

    They do not have any courage to speak to anyone, they find it easier to chat on internet systems instead of talking to the same person face to face. Have you ever watched Suite Life on Deck? There is this one episode where Woody place a game with this girl he likes and wants to talk to her but never does because he doesn't have the courage.

  • Reverse Evolution

    No, technology has not made the world an easier place to live in. While day to day tasks have become easier, it has been at the price of social interaction and the ability to think for one's self.

    People don't remember information, they expect to be able to pull out their phone and be able to type in their question on Google for an immediate answer. Proper grammar and spelling are not followed because a computer can check that so most people don't even bother to work on those skills.

    More importantly, technology has severely impacted humans' ability to interact with one another. People are not polite, do not utilize manners, play with their phones or Ipads when they are supposed to be speaking with another person, and even choose to isolate themselves completely from others for the sake of spending time with their technological devices.

    We are in the midst of reverse evolution partly due to our technology addiction.

  • Tech does not help at all.

    People lose the courage to speak to each other, Instead, They use their phones to chat. People need more social interaction, And I believe using phones are not going to help at all. I hope people find this post interesting, And interact in the real world, Instead of this virtual world.

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  • Its made the planet negative

    We take what we have for granted, instead of spending quality time with the family we're on our devices. Sending streaks, checking updates. Non of that's essential. Technology causes body problems, its a breeding area for bullies, and we rely on it.

    1.Our heads are down more than up. Which also causes neck pains, today’s daily habits include devices, people think it is a necessity for daily needs.

    2.Soon enough people will not know how to communicate properly because technology has taken over the present and soon the future. Talking to people on your device is easier than talking face to face, it’s the breeding grounds for bullies.

    3.People rely on technology more than you think, kids these days has been brought up with technology and it’s their boredom buster. Parenting is easier with technology, you place a device in front of them and their curiosity just glows. Think about it now, what happens if you take the technology off them? That’s the real question. J

  • Technology has caused obliviation,

    We have made all of these wonderful inventions that are making our lives easier, while destroying our home. We have made countless things to endanger the environment but we have not made enough to save the environment and counteract the bad things. People have become oblivious to the bad things in the world because picture after picture after picture of the good things are being shoved in their faces. Not enough people have their eyes open to helping counteract the technology. We can fight fire with fire; or save the planet from technology using technology because there's already so much technology that there's not other way to stop it.

  • I do not believe that technology has made life easier.

    Technology breaks down and glitches, there could be false information when you look something up. With technology there is always a distraction so things that are priorities get pushed back. Technology keeps us up to date with the newest trends, you become absorbed in those trends that you start to lose focus on who you are and become more fixated on the latest bandwagon. With technology your private life becomes nonexistent, if you want to learn about someone all you have to do is google them or search them up on a social media and all of a sudden a complete stranger knows everything about you. You also lose the ability to interact with others which a needed life skill.

  • It's a negative thing in the world.

    We are losing human to human social skills because now all we do is send a quick text or email them. We talk to each other face to face, amd we don't call the person we want to talk to. We are also getting lazier, because all we want to do now is stay on the couch and watch tv and play video games instead of go outside and get some exercise. Also technology can break down on you and then you are helpless because we don't have textbooks anymore because they have become all digital.

  • It has not

    Some technology has not made the world any easier to live in. In the world there's people who don't have the money for items other than actual needs and technology is not one of them. Technology glitches, breaks, gets stolen and it is another unnecessary thing for people to worry about.

  • Technology has no made the world easier

    Everyone is becoming lazier and lazier. Their iPads and iPhones are glued to their hands and people now days barely know how to communicate with one another face to face. They just want to "shoot you a text" or call you. Instead of playing outside kids want to play on their moms phone or ipad. If the world keeps forcing us to use technology, our world will become so lazy it will be sad. They can argue technology helps save trees but what about all the negative effects technology has on our body?

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