• Yes it does

    Just yesterday I made a new account on Facebook and noticed that it surfed my entire phone to find out who I was and suggested it to everyone. I didn't want people to know it was me, it was for private stuff. But that didn't last long. For proof that it looked through my phone, I didnt put any of my real details in while making the account. The only other way it could find is by scanning my phone to find out who I am. I'm aware that only Facebook does this but if Facebook is getting away with it, then it's not long before all my social media apps tell everyone my private stuff. I put stuff on my phone, kept secret for reasons. Not so that everyone can see them

  • Technology is a major tool for spying

    Technology can be a major tool for spying.It can be used for stalking and kidnapping .Even kids want to get on social media and technology now . If kids under the age of 10 are using it they would probably be gullible enough to click on a scam or give away personal information

  • Even our cars spy on us now

    People who still think we have privacy with the new modern technology are naive. They are putting computers in cars that can take over the driving by remote control and deliver you to jail automatically. Car cameras are also being developed to keep track of every person passing by the car at the same gps location at the same time. You can't even photocopy info about this without the photocopier knowing who you are, even if you go someplace like Kinkos.

  • Yes it has

    Yes, I think that technology has taken away our privacy since everyone can see and hear about peoples' private business in whole new ways. There are cameras everywhere, and also social media, which means people no longer have private lives' since everything can now be broadcasted worldwide to an audience.

  • You can follow anyone.

    Yes, technology has taken away our privacy, because so much of what we do is now either openly on the internet, or subject to hacking. Just the other day, someone called my husband's phone and asked if our son was a patient of a particular doctor. Our medical records are not even safe.

  • No, technology has not taken away our privacy.

    While it is getting harder to maintain most of our privacy, technology has not taken it away. I think that people need to realize that they have the choice to limit just how much of their own information is put online. A lot of people still use traditional means in terms of how they conduct their daily errands.

  • No, I don't think technology has taken away our privacy.

    While I think people need to be very careful on what information they put online I think in general technology can increase your privacy if your careful enough with it, I think in general you have to decide what information you want publicly or privately known online and be careful with it.

  • The Government Did

    I do not believe technology has taken away our privacy. When the Internet first started it was pretty anonymous however the wave of social media has pretty much wiped that away. Overall I would blame the loss of privacy on the government however, since they are running huge dragnets that scoop up all of our private information without permission.

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