• Suicide has gone way up.

    Technology overall has made sustaining life so easy that there is no excitement in daily life. Fitness was a bi-product of survival before technology became so advanced. All of us absolutely take for granted that we will live to be old and for the most part, we're right. We get locked into jobs that we only take so that we can buy things that we don't need and sooner or later, it catches up to us. We realize we're getting old and we've never truly earned a meal. I think that when you take away virtually all natural adversity, we are no longer operating as we were intended and that is a stressful place to be. Watching older generations that have been miserable for 15+ years, die excruciatingly painful deaths, is an extraordinarily depressing sight that we didn't have to worry about 100+ years ago. Now, it's fast becoming the norm. Sure our longevity has been extended by quite a bit, but I would say that prior generations fit twice the life into 45 years that we're dragging out to 80 years.

  • The First Yes.

    Technology has done many horrible things to people. My main concern is young women. Young women are being hurt by todays technology, and more people should notice it. Eating disorders, low self-esteem and suicidal actions are more likely to happen in todays time. The media has a specific pictures of how a female should look and its brainwashing people. I, Myself have been a victim. Put yourself in a girl's shoes. Looking in the mirror and crying. Not eating what you would want. Not being able to take complements because you believe everyone is lying. Then you turn on the TV to see a "beautiful" woman and see yourself nothing like that. Having to see councilors to help and taking anti-depressants. Having terrible thoughts following you around everywhere you go. Technology is changing all of us. I hope you understand that technology does hurt people.
    Thank You for reading my debate.

  • No, technology has not worsened society.

    I believe that technology has not worsened society. It has improved our lives in many ways. For example, the cell phone has allowed us to keep in touch with people more often and is a great communication tool when we travel. The Internet has greatly expanded our knowledge base and made life so much more convenient so that we can shop or bank from the comforts of our own homes.

  • No technology has not worsened society

    No, I do not think that technology has worsened society and that it is the other way around, and that technology has improved society. Technology has empowered people to learn new technology and skills, and has helped to make things in society run faster and more efficient and effectively when it comes to productively.

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