Has the American public been misinformed about Obamacare?

Asked by: smoothpoints
  • Of course it has, but what do you expect from the master of the Shuck n Jive?

    Lets see - not defecit neutral.

    For those who have insurance, no protections as to pricing and premiums.

    Anticipated increased wait times - I mean, what did you expect when you dump 50 million people into a system that can't handle it?

    Couple that with a nearly unworkable website to sign up with, the fact that its mandated and the very ignorant public willing to give "President" Obama a free pass to let select corporations and cronies delay its implementation for a year while average citizens break the bank implementing it for themselves, and you have a loser of a plan.

  • Lots of Noise

    The whirl of 'controversy' and aggressive attacks on the bill by the American Right has tainted the vision fro Obamacare and successfully made the act another in a long list of casualties of mis-representation; Evolution, U.S Foreign Policy, the War on Terror, Climate Change.
    There had been very little non partisan coverage of the Act and for this reason I think that the American public been misinformed about Obamacare.

  • If you like your doctor, you can keep it.

    Yes, the American public has been misinformed about Obamacare, because we were told it would cost nothing and that everyone would be covered. We were told that nothing would change. "If you like your doctor, you can keep it," they said. Now we know that it is hard to sign up, it is much more expensive, and our coverage has declined. We were misled.

  • People use Obamacare to further their own agenda

    Most people who are not directly effected by the need for an Obamacare plan have been led to believe so many myths about Obamacare. Those who need to sign up and use Obamacare have been led to believe it is too broken and can't be fixed or they shouldn't bother, that they'll get screwed by the system or they'll be penalized severely for not following the system.
    The information available is often difficult to understand for many people so they rely on the interpretation of others to help them understand. This results in the passage of more and more misinformation and make it hard for anyone to really understand what is going on and what is expected. Politicians use Obamacare to further their own agenda and people who like or don't like Obama use it to support their arguments for or against him.

  • The American public has been misinformed about Obamacare.

    The American public has been misinformed about Obamacare. Obamacare was rolled out and set in motion without the people that it would be affecting knowing just exactly what it was all about. Most new policies like this take some time to get going and get all the problems with it resolved.

  • Yes they have

    From death panels, to socialism, a lot of the public doesn't truly understand what Obamacare is about. They don't realize that it will reduce the deficit and greatly benefit the country in the long term. Part of the problem is democrats are not good and publicizing it and republicans are really good at denouncing it.

  • The Right side has lied to us all.

    How many times has Fox news spread BS that can be easily refuted, and even once (if not more) spread a story that was known to be false before it even got started. Republicans keep trying to defund it by saying that it causes abortions (which it doesn't), or will kill people (which it won't), along with a number of other lies.

  • Yes, of course.

    Aren't Americans misinformed about 99.5% of all issues? I mean, they have a computer with a search engine, but still rely on Fox and the those yokels to "inform" them, Bwaahaa. Frankly, how many Americans know how to analyze, think critically, look up facts, compare notes? And if they can, they are usually a greedy, self involved, conniving Republican who uses those skills to mind f8ck those who are powerless to stop them. Obamacare, which those of you that can READ, is pretty explanatory. And like the red scare Reagan blew up over Medicare in the sixties, the nation managed to pull through and quite likes it.

  • Fox News does a good job informing us about Obamacare.

    Obamacare has some loopholes and problems. But it was a step in the right direction, because families that couldn't afford healthcare, now can. It does take away a few civil liberties, but simply put, you lose some, and you gain some. After about three years of Obamacare being used in the US, we will be used to it.

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