• Work Ethic Getting Worse

    More and more people simply do not know how to work. Agriculture roots and growing up in rural communities was hard work. We now work until we are tired, maybe. We used to work until the job was done, snice it had to be done that day. I will say mental stress is more of a problem now.

    More companies are international. We see our European counterparts with tons of vacation and slow to respond.

  • Yes, but the employers have changed too.

    People used to be loyal to one company and believed that working hard for it would ensure that they had a job for life along with good retirement benefits. Now workers have been laid off, benefits have been cut, and hours restricted. Young people do not see loyalty and do not give it either and move around a lot to find what they want if they can get it.

  • Yes, people's work ethic has changed.

    People's work ethic has definitely changed, in that people want to do less. A lot of what is done in the workplace now is automated, so people have computer programs to help them do tasks they would have had to have done by hand before, such as accounting and record-keeping. People also often want to delay getting into the workplace, extending college to five, instead of four, years, and otherwise putting off getting careers.

  • The American work ethic is getting worse every year.

    In today's society America's work ethic has gotten worse than in years past. The culture of America has seemed to turn towards, "What can you do for me?" More and more people rely on the government to support them. Welfare is suppose to help one get back on their feet, not to live off of. Our fathers and grandfathers worked long hard hours every day and earned what they got. Today's society would rather sit and home and collect a check from the government than work hard for their money. More and more American's can be seen at their work desks reading the internet on their computers or texting a friend. With modern technology improving everyday will only hinder the worth ethic in a negative way. I would love to go back to the day where you earned your way through life through hard work and sweat.

  • We have more work hours a week than most countries

    The average american works 34. 2 hours weekly. We work 99 hours more than british laborers, 70 hours more than japenese workers and 424 hours more than germans. Most people these days work from home or online. Adult Americans work 47 hours weekly on average

    Most people put in a lot of hours of work but people might not realize how long they work for. “American workers average 13 vacation days per year, Whereas most western nations get 20. ” Productivity has raised 115% since 1950

    Some other countries will say rhey work more than American workers, But i think American workers work way more than other coutries, Maybe not the hardest jobs but they still work. Work ethic maybe changing due to the nature of American work. Has the American Work Ethic Gotten Worse states, “Since 1988, The cost of a four-year degree at a public college has risen 213%. ” The work ethic hasn’t changed.

  • We still work hard.

    No, the American work ethic has not changed, because for the most part we are the hard working people who want to be responsible for ourselves that we have always been. The older generation complains that we have no work ethic, but that is just because they are not hiring or retiring, and are just keeping all the money for themselves.

  • Yes, American work ethic has changed.

    The American work ethic has definitely changed. I think that more and more people these days seem to possess a sense of entitlement in terms of their work habits. I think that as the older generation dies, their work ethic will go with them. More and more people these days are only concerned about how to do their jobs as easy as possible.

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