• Internet is good

    It can help distribute information widely. This means that more people can get their hands on news updates in a relatively short span of time. People can stay better informed and be aware of what is happening around the world without having to wait for newspapers and stuff. This is one advantage of the internet.

  • advantages

    Over the past fifteen years, millions of different websites have been set up,
    giving people the chance to shop, do business, play, learn and
    communicate online. Over the same period it has become much easier,
    cheaper and faster to get online in order to do these things.

    The advent of the internet has vastly changed the way in which
    people search and access information. News travels more quickly than
    ever, and current affairs can be discussed all over the world
    instantaneously via forums, blogs, and social networks. Many
    people also maintain social links on sites such as Facebook, Skype, etc. Research in the UK has shown that the average adult spends around 22 hours 15
    minutes online each month. Some believe the Internet is dominating the lives of its users and it is unhealthy, whereas other have
    cheered the increased possibilities for research, meeting new people and
    keeping in contact with one another.

  • The arrival of the Internet has opened the world to many positive things and makes life so much easier for people.

    The Internet has brought such ease to people's lives and has done much more good than harm. It provides people who normally wouldn't be able to get out and go shopping the ability to purchase things without leaving their homes. It provides an easier way to gain knowledge and to perform research. It provides jobs for those who are physically disabled. It helps save money by providing competition between stores. It is an easy way of entertainment, which is affordable. And, it also allows people to keep in touch with old friends and network with new relationships in business. Because of these and many other reasons, I firmly believe the Internet provides much more good than harm, and is a way for people to make life easier.

    Posted by: SilentIgnacio
  • The Internet has caused more problems than it has done good, because it has made people lazy, among other reasons.

    The Internet has made people lazy. They can pay their bills online and shop online, so they do not have to leave their homes. It has created problems through social networking sites, because people are spending all their time on them, instead of time with their family and friends. Also, these social networking sites have created problems for kids, because it gives people another avenue for bullying and harassing.

    Posted by: babydollxix
  • Yes, the Internet has done more good than harm, because 0most of the harmful things would of existed anyway.

    The Internet has brought knowledge into the lives of the common man. Anyone can learn about anything, if they spend a few moments on the Internet. You can easily look up which actor played in your favorite movie, or which general fought in some famous war. Things that might take hours to find in a library now take seconds from the comfort of your own home. Even things that you could never find in a reference book can be found online. Most of the bad things brought on by the Internet already existed previously, such as "adult content". While the Internet has made it easier to find such material, it hardly invented the idea. Children stole adult magazines long before they downloaded pictures on the Internet.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • The Internet can be useful for information, but it has led to a whole new kind of criminal.

    I believe the Internet is useful, but the very negative effects it has had on society far outweigh the usefulness. It now allows all kinds of criminals, from pedophiles to terrorists, the ability to accomplish their crimes easier and more efficiently. With the Internet, any pedophile can lure a child far easier and far quicker than in a real life situation. Violent criminals can stalk any prospective victims. The worst impact the Internet has had is it allows terrorist groups to be much more organized. The information super-highway can do so much good, but until society figures out how to regulate it better, the negatives outweigh the positives.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • The internet has not brought real knowledge, per say

    I am beginning to see that the internet is neither good nor bad in itself but those who create videos and web pages are not required to be responsible in an academic sense. Often, statements can be made up and believed by many as real. But, are not really the case.

  • Internet is a great idea on paper, not reality

    The Internet has had a dramatic effect on music and the music industry, through downloads it is killing the movie industry, through online purchasing it is impacting the retail industry, it has almost totally removed newspapers and similar types of media, TV and radio are next with live streaming and downloading, who knows where it will stop.

  • Internet is lawless

    Internet without regulations and accountability has created perfect conditions for mockery of good will and triumph of evil. Many people who tried to share their talents, creativity, knowledge, videos etc. Were insulted, bullied, harassed, robbed, deeply hurt, and could not protect themselves. Instead of uniting people, Internet divided them, and made some people bitter, lonely, less humane...

  • Yes it has!

    People are too dependent on it. It takes up valuable time. Poople are less personal and lonely. The internet has made us more vulnerable to terrorism, theft, fraud, sexual predators, terrorism,etc. People don't know how to write a letter anymore and we are also giving away our right to privacy.

  • It was invented to do great things and it doesn't harm anyone.

    There are many different opinions, and this is one. The thing with the Internet is that it does amazing things within seconds, or maybe minutes but not hours. It was invented to do great things and it doesn't harm anyone. This entire world is on the computer, plus the Internet which is a big improvement since the ancient times or the mid 20s !

  • It's not the harm but the way of use

    Take the gun, for example. If you added up all the people who were killed by guns, it wouldn't even come close to the number of people who were killed with rocks and sticks and bare hands before the gun was invented. While it's true that the homicide rate is much lower in nations like Japan and England where gun control is practiced, the higher homicide rate in the U.S. is as much a product of our proclaimed love affair with freedom as it is a product of high rates of gun ownership. At any rate, the science behind the development of the gun--chemistry, ballistics, metallurgy, basic physics--has produced as many strictly beneficial technologies as it has questionable ones.

  • It's a good thing.

    Kids don't watch the news, they are too lazy to read up periodicals. If it wasn't for the internet half of our teenage population would be illiterate and would not know what is happening in the world. There have been countless organizations and demonstrations that have started with the internet as well. Just look at "to write love on her arm" or "pink shirt day". No one would know what they are if they had not started out on facebook. Or even the protests in Libya.
    It's a source of knowledge if used right.

  • The internet is great!!!

    I love the internet. As a college student, I have used the internet for so many projects and homework assignments in high school and college. It is a useful tool for any age and will help our society grow. Also, the way that people use the internet is a big part of how effective it is. If you don't put stupid things on there, then you should be safe.

  • No. For proof, this good website!

    Where would I have a good and anonymous debate and dialog with all different kind of people without the Internet? Where I live people hardly talk to me because I am not from the same country.
    It is true that many evil have come from the Internet such as Internet Porn and child porn sites and even Terrorists use it. But bit by bit, terrorists are being arrested and some sites can be reported.
    I learned lots of information through the Internet with Wikipedia, free languages sites, free podcasts (ranging from any topics, including Education, languages, Maths, religion, music...), courses, debates, forums, and even chatrooms. If you learn how to protect yourself from scams and phishing sites, and protect your privacy online by using antivirus, antispywares, common sense as to not divulge your private information, and clearing all your cookies and surf activities, there is no reason why we could not use this amazing tool to learn more about anything, meet new people online and have a bit of healthy fun.

    Posted by: Ora
  • Best invention ever - seriously

    The internet is, in my opinion the greatest thing invented ever. I can only see one downside, which would be possible security risks. With proper security, the internet is one of the single most valuable and opportunistic things we have today. It can provide jobs, entertainment, all kinds of opportunities, globally and within seconds.

  • The Internet provides information that otherwise would not be available to everyone.

    While there are always unexpected problems with any new technology, the Internet is a great improvement for people that use it. It provides information on almost any subject that people want to inquire about. I love the health websites to get the most up to date information on illnesses and how to cure them.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I feel the Internet is a great source of information and entertainment, if it is not abused.

    I believe the Internet is a valuable tool for young and old to enjoy. There are people who abuse it by hacking into others' accounts, but I don't feel that should discourage anyone from using the Internet.

    Posted by: SneakyBryant
  • No, the arrival of the Internet has only brought more information to everyone, which is good; without it we'd still be much more in the dark about history and current events.

    Just given today's events for example, without the Internet many of us would not know what's going on in Libya as we speak. News before was much slower, whereas now we can find out almost instantaneously what's going on. Beyond "today's" events it allows a plethora of information to be easily found about almost any subject. Gone are the days of searching old newspapers for information and sometimes missing important news for days, weeks, even months. I believe young people as well as the older folks who aren't as use to such current information are much better off being aware of today's world in a much quicker fashion.

    Posted by: Li0nEye
  • The arrival of the Internet has done more good than harm, because it has allowed people to connect in ways they never could before.

    The Internet helps people of every age with a variety of issues. School children are able to research so much more easily for their homework, and they can find tutoring online as well. Everyone can connect with long lost friends and relatives, or even current family and friends, to stay in touch. Prior to the Internet, this would have meant writing and calling people, which is not always feasible to do regularly when you are busy with a job and your own family.

    Posted by: TMacias

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