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  • The Catholic Church has done everything to hide sex abuse scandals.

    I am convinced that the Catholic Church has not done enought to fix the sexual scandals. To be honest, I believe that the Catolic Chuch has done nothing. Moreover many high ranking officials have done everything to hide the scandals. They pretend that nothing has happened. They are not able to assume the responsibility for sexual abuse and punish the culprits.

  • No the Catholic Church has not done enough to fix the scandal.

    The Catholic Church has not done enough to fix the sex abuse scandal. You continue to hear about high ranking church officials who are sexually abusing members and followers of their religion. They take advantage of the young making them think these acts are okay. There are many who have suffered and are suffering who are afraid to come out and say anything about what happened.

  • Not nearly enough

    The Church under the new Pope seems to be taking a stronger stance on dealing with sexual abuse, especially by priests. However in the past, the Church shuffled abusers from place to place and didn't always remove them from situations where they hurt more innocents. People who work with children are now required to have CAP (Child Assault Protection) training, but that's just a small step in dealing with the problem.

  • Catholic church sex scandals

    I don't think that the catholic church has done anything to change anything about the sex scandals you never hear anyone talking about it, it's like the issue was pushed aside and it just doesnt matter what happened because it was in a religious area and religion shouldnt have anything to do with it .

  • No They Haven't

    The Catholic Church as done little if anything to fix the sex abuse scandal. Most would say their way of taking care of it, is ignoring it. I believe the church should have felt more obligated to prosecute these men for what they are. You would also think they would want to remove them from their churches.

  • No, the Catholic Church has not done enough to fix the sex abuse scandal.

    I think the Catholic Church could have done more to prevent and deal with the sex scandals that plagued the church several years ago. It seemed like they were more interested in making sure the scandal didn't get out to the media. I think that there should have been more of an investigation to the guilty party involved and a more severe punishment for the convicted.

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