Has the coalition between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party in the UK delivered good government?

Asked by: andyjfraser
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  • The vile, spiteful Tories and their treacherous Quisling henchman, the Lib Dems, have wrecked the UK economy.

    As a result of their war on the working class and their policy of cutting taxes for big business and the rich, the Conservatives, aided and abetted by the mercenary, morally-bankrupt Lib Dems have heaped misery on millions of hard-working people who have been made unemployed through no fault of their own, devastating the economy and in the process. Meanwhile, bosses and bankers pay themselves record bonuses but pay less tax on them, meaning less money to spend on vital public services: another kick in the teeth for the poor.

    The electorate will kick them out of power at the next election but, sadly, that is still two years away.

  • Absolutely no way

    The conservatives have walked all over the Liberals and the the liberals have gone back on the pledges they made during the last General Election. The conservatives have as usual attacked the most vulnerable in society with changing benefits and rules, Unemployment is continually even though they fake the figures, and as usually the conservatives want to sell of the family silver e.G. Royal Mail. And as always under a conservative government the rich get richer at the expense of the poor

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