• Yes, Erdogan is a dictator

    Yes, Turkey has become a dictatorship during recent years. According to numerous independent groups, Turkey's free speech and human rights records have consistently lagged behind those of the European Union. After the recent failed coup, Erdogan has only consolidated his power further, labeling anyone critical of his policies a coup sympathizer. These are not the actions of a leader interested in a free, honest, and democratic political process.

  • Yes, this is true.

    The country of Turkey has actually fallen in the hands of a new dictator. Following the recent elections, it is evidenced that their leader will make the country a hot seat. This is because he is a dictator and he is also very arrogant. The only thing that will save the country is if the leader follows the law.

  • Turkey's direction not promising

    I believe that it would be fair to say that Turkey seems to have fallen into the hands of another dictator. By all objective measures of a country's freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of the press and humanitarian liberty, Turkey is not currently in a good place and this stems from the leadership.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    Looks like the Turkish people need to get rid of him. I wonder if they can? No doubt, in order to stay in power he needs the support of the military and not just the top brass. The model of Erdogan's policies "Islamic modernism", noting that it has become the subject of profound questions whether it is able to withstand the storms and new challenges the region is currently facing.

  • Because he helps turkey

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