Has the crackdown on insider trading gone too far?

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  • There's been a crackdown on insider trading?!

    Whatever constitutes the crackdown on insider trading has definitely not gone too far. The bankers got away with near-murder just some years ago, and the greed continues, while the middle class continues to be pillaged and disappear into poverty. Who will support the rich then? There needs to be a serious, really serious crackdown on insider trading. A very public, very comprehensive crackdown. Fifteen years ago.

  • No, The Crackdown on Insider Trading Has Not Gone Far Enough

    Insider trading is not only a severe breach of fiduciary duty by market workers, but is akin to larceny of intellectual property. Information is privileged to those individuals entrusted with it, and that information and the security of it is essential to the integrity of the markets themselves. Insider trading is cheating, flat and simple, and the current crackdown of it, does not even go far enough.

  • No the Crackdown on Insider Trading has not Gone too far.

    I do not believe that the crackdown on insider training has gone too far, and that the stronger the government is on cracking down on insider training the better off the economy will be. Insider training hurts the U.S. economy and investors and is not fair to others who try to do the right thing and those practices should be outlawed.

  • A lack of regulation has caused the current financial crises.

    This is a tough question to answer definitively. Certainly, there are those who have been targeted unfairly by overzealous regulators. However, many would say that such crackdowns have not gone far enough, and that the financial crises have stemmed from such a lack of regulation. I would say that no appreciable curtailment of insider trading enforcement is needed.

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