• In some instances

    The drug DCA was proven to cure human cancer in mice(the mice had been purposefully infected), and in 1 year, the terminal cancers had been eradicated. The FDA just so happened to ban the drug after the study was conducted. So far, only Canada sells these pills.....For pennies each. The FDA said it would bankrupt them. Yeah, right.

  • The ugly truth

    The world is overpopulating and research for cancer has been going on for many many years. Cancer takes out a whopping large number of people every year and thins out the population so there is a balance. If the cure for cancer became viral, then the world would over populate as less people would die. Yes this is ugly, this may be the truth. The cure could well be found and hidden which would not surprise me.

  • Of course they have, Goverment know it.

    Of course there is the Goverment are clearly keeping it from us so they can be rich for the people who can aford it. Have you seen any of the royal family have cancer? Have you seen anyone with power get cancer? The Goverment are killing people of, they killed Princesses Diana because she would of helped us.

  • Yes and it is a secret.

    The cure for cancer has been found and there is a massive conspiracy taking place so that no one will know the cure is out there. Our government enjoys watching people with cancer and their families suffer. It is a form of population control for them. If word of a cure gets out we will have overcrowding issues in our population. Keep your eyes open. Those in higher power levels of government won't suffer from cancer and neither will their family members. This is because they have access to the cure. It's us little guys who have to worry.

  • There are better treatments out there.

    Without getting to conspiratorial about the FDA and FCC..There unquestionably is a very transparent agenda by certain organizations to have a monopoly on anything that has potential for mass profits in the food and drug industry the problem is people here this sort of rhetoric and the conspiracy alarms go off..I don't think its disinformation(like some would think) as much as it is ignorance to the reality of procedure in these industries. And arrogance and naivety, that our government always has our best interest at hand.....One of the best examples of this is-Drubber's...Has come up with the closest thing to a cure there is yet nobody has heard of him..He is currently practicing in Houston Texas. And has been for 35 yr now even though the FDA made several attempts at shutting him down(even seeing inside of a court room on many occasions .Even though the independent research done by the FDA showed his treatment had a remarkable success rates, even in the most advanced cases..I encourage anyone interested to watch the documentary called "BURZYNSKI " on you tube...May be on a pay streaming service as well.

    Posted by: rja7
  • The cure has been here a long long time.

    Government has it.

    Go do your research. Don't be naive.

    Do you really think a country that can develope a nuclear bombs and wipe out the entire world can't find the cure to cancer? People who dedicated their lives to doing this? Think about it. I'm not theorist. I just do my research.

  • Big Pharma is probably involved

    There are always a lot of reports of cures for different cancer. The fact is that if there is a cure then Big Pharma and cancer specialists would be out of big money making business. I am not saying that doctors are purposely keeping the illness going because there are a lot of good hearted doctors out there. That being said, pharma always sits money aside when a drug is put out to cover lawsuits and other death related cases. If their drugs are so good then why are there not more healing? The drugs make matters worse in some cases and the side effects are horrible for both the patient and the family. I am a health care worker and see a lot of these cases.

  • Yes I believe there is a cure. Yes I believe for whatever reason it is being kept from us.

    We can go to the moon, design satellites that can zoom in and see the color of your eyes and have computer chips smaller than a size of an ant. We also can even clone with the knowledge of genetic research but they can't figure out how to kill cancer cells.

  • Yes I believe there is a cure. Yes I believe for whatever reason it is being kept from us.

    We can go to the moon, design satellites that can zoom in and see the color of your eyes and have computer chips smaller than a size of an ant. We also can even clone with the knowledge of genetic research but they can't figure out how to kill cancer cells.

  • YES! - I was Cured of Cancer Naturally 14 Years Ago!

    Back in 2000 I had cancer and came across a clinical trial results report published by Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum of Charles Drew University. He invented an all natural supplement manufactured in Japan that triples the strength of the body's immune system so that it can kill cancer cells 300% quicker than a normal person's immune system kills cancer cells. After taking this all natural supplement for 6 months my cancer was totally gone and never came back. Dr Ghoneum has since come up with another cure but since the powers that be do not want a cure to be found, no one is willing to fund his research so he has to pay for everything out of pocket. I know there is a cure for cancer already because I was cured and the same supplement cured another person I know before the FDA and FTC ordered that it be taken off the market because as they claim, it was an untested drug for cancer.

  • This is conspiracy theory nonsense.

    First off, cancer does not and cannot have a single "cure". Cancer is caused by a cascade of multiple factors, and each different type of cancer may have a different causative agent or trigger.
    The people who claim that government is hiding the cure for cancer is just more baseless nonsense from conspiracy theory nuts.

  • Overpopulation is a Myth

    It is a myth that the world is overpopulating. Third world countries are overpopulating, the developed world (which give it time with globalization by the end of the century that's everybody) is shrinking. The US is still making more people slowly (for now, this is projected to start shrinking) but not most of Europe or Japan or even Russia. And underpopulation is a problem. It means less social and economic support for the elderly population in the future. They pay people to have babies in some of these countries and they still have shrinking populations.

    And even in third world countries it wouldn't be a problem if they had the finances to avoid famines (not that we shouldn't lend a hand and prevent these sorts of things anyways).

    Some people naively fear the world literally filling up with people. Everyone would fit inside the state of Texas, not comfortably but they would. Food production technology always outpaces population problems and has since Malthus predicted catastrophe. Soon we will be able to make food with nanoreplicators and humanity's carrying capacity will go into the trillions if not more.

  • Cancer is natural, there's no cure.

    Cancer is a group of diseases all categorised. Cancer happens when cells fail, in healthy people (especially young people) their immune system is able to detect this rouge cell and destroy it before it causes problems. As you get older, your immune system starts to fail and your cells get worse. Your immune system will miss this rouge cell and it will receive nutrition with the other cells which will allow it to grow and progress. If everyone started to live forever, we would all get cancer eventually. Cancer rates have gone up because we're living longer. The human body isn't designed to cope this long.

  • Cancer is a general term for the disease, not a singular disease.

    Although a cure of cancer may have been found for one PARTICULAR type of cancer, we must understand that Cancer is not a disease that is "one size fits all". You would never claim that high blood pressure is the same disease as diabetes, would you? Likewise, why should many people believe that Lung Cancer is the same Cancer as skin Cancer? Because it's not. Cancer is a general term for the disease and should only be used as such.

    Many misguided people claim that there has been a cure found for cancer and that the government is hiding it from the mass public so that they can be more effectively controlled. You really believe that? Others have stated that only the rich could purchase the cure and I am just like "wow, people believe everything they see on a facebook meme". If that was the case, would the Vice President of America still have his son? Obviously he is a high ranking Politician that could leverage the ability to obtain a cure, IF THERE WAS ONE. What about Steve Jobs? You know he could've afforded the cure, the man made Billions throughout his life. You really think he couldnt shell out a billion to still be living today?

  • There are different types of cancer. Also, you are all off topic.

    Guys, you understand that there are different types of cancer, right? The idea that there can even be a "cure for cancer" is a myth. That would be like saying that scientists have found a "cure for heart problems." Sure, advances can be made about particular cancers and particular heart problems, but there is no solution that will definitively "cure cancer."

    On a related note, even if we were talking about one particular type of cancer, the efficacy of treatment methods varies on a case-by-case basis, due to a variety of factors, including age, preexisting conditions, and sex. There is no magical "cure for cancer."

    Also, what even is this debate about? The question is phrased as "has the cure for cancer been found?" However, everyone seems to instead be debating about whether it would be beneficial for better cancer treatments to be developed, which is an entirely different question. A question to which the answer is clearly yes. I am going to defer to that to MasturDBater (the only other poster who has voted "no" at this time), since his comment covers this topic relatively effectively. Even though that is not the topic, so I have no idea why this has even come up.

    This is a dumb question. The end.

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TheInterlang says2013-09-23T23:43:28.353
There is no single disease called "cancer". Cancer is a group of 200+ similar diseases, like breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, etc.