Has the decriminalization of marijuana worked to reduce drug crimes in the Netherlands?

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  • Decriminalization of marijuana indeed has reduced drug crimes.

    The decriminalization of marijuana in this region has helped to reduce the amount of drug related crimes here, and a noticeable comparison between this area and another is the United States, where it is generally classified as a very dangerous drug, among cocaine and heroin. The difference between these areas is that marijuana in the U.S. is constantly associated with most of the drug related crimes, including criminal acts such as shootings, burglaries and gang related activities. However, in the Netherlands, there is hardly ever such a thing as marijuana being related to the previously mentioned crimes. Another such example of how the decriminalization of this rather sedate (compared to other illicit substances) drug is that any sort of gang doesn't get quite the cash flow that it once did, due to there being many other places selling this generally safe plant.

  • Yes, it has.

    I think that it is fair to say that the experiment in the Netherlands in regards to reducing penalties for marijuana use has indeed been a successful one. We do not hear much about crime in that region, nor do we hear of any problems in regards to marijuana being legal.

  • It has reduced the illegal sale of marijuana.

    Can't deny the obvious. The legalization of marijuana is not designed to impact the moral center of a National ideology. It's designed to reduce the fiscal burden on the justice system. Why criminalize a minor offense?

    It's not about "clean living". It's about not paying to feed, medicate, clothe, shelter and track minor offenses that are morally ambiguous.

  • Yes it has helped the Netherlands to decriminalize marijuana

    Yes decriminalizing marijuana has helped the crime rate in the Netherlands. They never really had much of a drug issue to begin with though. To try to use that same arguement on the US will not work as the economy and society is so much different in the US then it is in the Netherlands.

  • Why encourage drug usage?

    Marijuana is nothing new to the world. For thousands of years societies dealt with drug usage and most have determined that wide spread drug usage is not a healthy thing for the masses. To say that pot is no worse than booze does not make it good by any stretch.

  • Pressure to reform Dutch drug laws as gang violence grows

    “Billions of euros worth of cannabis is grown for export – much of it to Britain – in Holland's modern cannabis industry, which has come a long way since the days of penniless hippies growing pot on Amsterdam houseboats and opening "coffee shops" where stoners could happily puff away in an atmosphere of dope haze, peace and love.
    Now there is so much money and violence involved that Holland's police commissioner responsible for cannabis calls it a danger to Dutch society.”
    Since he started his job a year ago Max Daniel has made it his mission to change Holland's laid-back view of the drug, and as calls mount from politicians and citizens to shut "nuisance" coffee shops he believes that his message is getting through.
    Mr. Daniel said: "For years this was seen as an innocent business and the tolerant Dutch approach was undoubtedly a successful form of harm reduction – it kept users away from hard drugs.
    "But now there is so much money to be made that cannabis is sucking in organized crime gangs from abroad and corrupting legitimate business people – especially lawyers, estate agents and bankers. Money laundering is a massive enterprise, and it is bringing together white-collar professionals and the kind of criminals who deal with heroin, prostitutes and people-smuggling.
    "Cannabis is a threat to our democracy."
    So the once peaceful Netherlands is now a cesspool for organized crime and gang violence since they decriminalized marijuana and allowed it to be sold legally in the pot coffee shops.
    And, little airheads like xxXChelseaXxx who don’t know what they are talking about are able to post pure nonsense here and say “Drug gangs and drug related crimes have both decreased in number.” More lies by stoners trying to prove that it would work in the USA.
    The Mexican drug cartels now have operations in 230 American cities, and not just the border towns. They Mexican drug cartel gangs are not going away if the USA decriminalizes possession of small amounts of all drugs. And, the USA will still have to spend billions per year fight drug crime, probably more because drug use will increase just like it has in Portugal and the Netherlands.

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