Has the Democratic National Committee (DNC) turned into the Hillary Clinton committee?

  • Because she is a Woman

    Because Hillary Clinton is a female presidential candidate in the Democratic party, her campaign is already ahead of all of her other fellow campaign runners. She will get the female vote and since she conveniently switched sides on the gay marriage front, she will gain those votes as well. Both of those reasons have helped her.

  • Yes, but Hillary's actual campaign should call for it to end.

    Hillary Clinton does not need the DNC's "help." It is evident DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is trying to help Hillary and is doing a very poor job hiding it. This is making Hillary's detractors suspicious. It would be better if Wasserman Schultz resigned and if Hillary's campaign distanced themselves from the DNC's actions. Hillary Clinton is a strong candidate, she can debate well and can handle the pressures of the candidacy. If anything, the "help" she is getting from the DNC is doing more damage than good. Hillary is fine on her own and doesn't need it.

  • DNC has voted for Hilary Clinton

    She receives more press and recognition from the press and the DNC, more than any of the other candidates. I sense that after President Obama won over her, they now feel a need to reward her for taking the hit. She has a lot of power and influence and people are following that. Of course, political committees take sides; look what is happening with Donald Trump.

  • "C" in DNC doesn't stand for Clinton

    No, I don't think the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has turned into the Hillary Clinton committee. While many members of the committee would clearly like to see Hillary win, the committee as a whole seems to be open to debates and other activities. Other Democrats are not really as much of a threat to Hillary as the Republicans are anyway.

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