Has the dishonesty in the 2012 Presidential campaign reached unprecedented lows?

  • Yes it did

    This election was the worst election in my memory, in regards to campaign lies. I think a large reason this happened is because of the Super PACS. Since the Supreme Court allowed them to use unlimited funding for candidates, without regulations on anything they said in their ads, the election ads were full of lies. It made it hard for any citizen to differentiate between truth in lie. The candidates may have ran a 'clean' campaign, but the Super PACS did not.

  • Yes! Corruption the highest its been in ages

    I was closely following the republican party with my endorsement and donations to Congressman Ron Paul.

    An example of Corruption:

    At the convention (RNC), where the party declared the winners, Dr. Paul won as many states needed to get on the ballot. But whenever he won a state, instead of saying "Ron Paul 26, Mitt Romney 5" Like the state reps said, the woman speaking said "Romney, 5", totally ignoring that Ron Paul won any states at all. Then, they replaced all of Maine's delegates with delegates that would do what they were told by the fascist. Next, they changed the requirement rules at the last second from needing 5 states, to needing 8 (they had tried before, making the target number of states 10), but one of their own was against the motion, so it didn't pass. He was spoused to be at the convention, but the bus drove him around it over and over again until the voting was over. When they asked the floor if the motion should be adopted, the Nay and aye votes were about equal, but it was scripted that he would say "The ayes have it"!

    A similar thing happened at the DNC, where they voters were asked to adopt a motion at the last minute to change the name of the capital of Israel and it was clear that the nays had won, but the teleprompter said that the ayes have it. The guy reading it wasn't going on, So he asked again, still the nays had the vote, so he stopped again then some woman just told him "they're gonna do what they're gonna do, just keep going." So he went on and just railroaded them, as per the plan.

    This is just 1 example. This has happened all over the place among both the democrats and republicans. Both parties are corrupt to the core!

    Not to mention both main candidates got bought by Goldman Sachs.

  • All one sided

    Mitt Romney's campaign advisors are on record as saying that they would not allow their campaign to be dictated by fact checkers. Romney was practically chased out of Ohio for stating that Jeep was moving jobs to Asiam which was soon proven false. During the debates, the moderator had to correct Romney's falsehoods. These are only three of the myriad lies, distorttions, and exagerations from Romney's campaign. Hopefully this will beused as an example in the future of how NOT to run a campaign.

  • It certainly seems that way.

    Political campaigns have never had a complete 100% relationship with the truth, but the amount of dishonesty in this race, particularly from the Republican side, has reached a new low. The Republicans spent most of Obama's first term obstructing him, and they now try to act like he failed-- because they kept getting in his way! It's pathetic, and it's low, even for politics.

  • Yes, dishonesty has reached an all time low

    In a time where intelligence is meant to thrive, it is outstanding that blatant lies and false information is accepted and allowed to spread throughout the mass media. A campaign based on dishonesty will not thrive for long, and it is obvious in this era of fact-checking technology who will an appropriate leader. It is sad that it is even necessary to fact check our potential leaders, considering they should be role models and will be making decision that will affect the well being of others.

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