• Yes, it's freezing outside.

    Yes, the environmentalist movement has failed, because it is a hoax. Environmentalists want to control how other people live, more than they truly care about the environment. The environmentalists have forgotten that back in the day, everyone died when they were forty or fifty, or earlier, because of a lack of medical services. Technology is your friend.

  • Even though people are aware of the situation,

    they do nothing to stop the decline of the world's ecosystem. This includes water waste and the throwing away of uneaten food, but now contributes to global warming by the decomposition and release of gas. The Kyoto Protocol of 1997, which was not signed by the US, and one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, has virtually no effect on the amount release yearly. Due to the continued use on fossil fuels it seems like a lost cause, if very severe measures are not taken to reduce the waste of water and the dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Environmentalism is not driven by money, and the core way of change in the world is through money.

    The way the governments have responded to the financial crisis in the past few years is to focus on ways to improve the money supply and investments across the world, and get people to spend money. Oil is considered an important investment and a lot of effort goes into tapping new sources of oil to drive prices down as to not gouge the customer, rather than focusing on alternative energies.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • Renewable Energy Moves Forward

    Environmentalism hasn't failed. Renewable resources and energy sources are moving forward and becoming more advanced. Americans use less paper as books, newspapers and documents are moving online. Organic and local foods are getting more popular for consumer choices. Environmentalism isn't gone. With more people on the planet, the environmentalist movement simply becomes more well-known.

  • It isn't quite where it should be, but I wouldn't say it has completely failed.

    If nothing else, the Environmentalist movement is making people aware of what they could be doing to help the environment. I do not believe that enough people are playing their part but I'm sure that spreading the world helps more people attempt to join in the effort than if they were simply uninformed.

  • Without Environmentalism there would be no legislation regarding the accountability of pollution and wildlife protection

    Thanks to the Environmentalism movement businesses have to be more accountable for their part in pollution and waste control. The safe drinking water act was one of the more significant things that they began in the 1970's. Without that, we might be drinking stuff in our water, such as too much bacteria, that is way over the limit of sanitary.

    Posted by: RareElliot73

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