• Far more mobile

    The biggest part of Billy Graham that people remember are his crusades, involving very mobile and very visible events around the country that attracted many people. Fallwell is far too hard core and fundamentalist for most of the non Christian population, but Graham was more appealing to the mass audience.

  • A great preacher

    Yes, I think that Billy Graham was a better evangelist than Jerry, simply because of his enormous popularity. Billy has now become so popular that when you hear the word evangelist, the first person that pops into peoples heads is Billy Graham, and he has a huge amoung of followers.

  • Yes, Billy Graham's work has been more lasting than that of Jerry Falwell.

    Yes, Reverend Graham's work has been more effective than Reverend Falwell's. While both spent many years preaching the gospels, the scandals that have been associated with Reverend Falwell's name have tarnished his work. Reverend Graham has remained without scandal for decades, which means that those who have come to Christ through him do not have any lingering questions about their favorite evangelist's morality.

  • Billy Graham Wins

    I believe the evangelism of Billy Graham has been more effective than that of Jerry Falwell. Billy Graham is a name that far more Americans are going to recognize in comparison to Jerry Falwell. Since he is more well know, it is obvious that his work has reached more people.

  • They are both effective leaders.

    The evangelism of Billy Graham has not been more effective than that of Jerry Falwell. Both church leaders simply have their own followers and individual Christian philosophies. They aren't even comparable because they attract different kinds of audiences. I would say they are more equal in terms of true effectiveness.

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