Has the evolution of animal species been proven?

Asked by: DulGuldor
  • Evolution is real

    Yes evolution did happen, but so did Creation by a higher power and alien intervention.

    Originally Infinite Consciousness create the universe perfect, and the Earth was a paradise, and humans were sexless and lived longer than they do now.

    There was no killing every person and animal got their food from plants or the free energy in the atmosphere.

    Later however the Demiurge and the Archons came and invaded earth and genetically modified us into what we are now. That is how come the world is such a bad place,

    and yes there were many species of humans that Archons created, and many catastrophes happened that killed prehuman civilizations.

    We do evolve in terms of natural selection, but we did not evolve from slime and there was a creator.

    Later the Archons crossbred with humans and created a hybrid race that became the Illuminati bloodlines

    and through this Illuminati the Archons rule the world, and plan to kill 80% of the population and turn the rest to robot slaves, unless we wake up, amen

  • Yes It Has

    Vestigial structures demonstrate the literal truth of the process of evolution. What is not yet fully understood is the origin of DNA replication. However, famous experiments such as the Miller-Urey experiment demonstrate that complex organic molecules are formed spontaneously provided the basic elements and conditions of early earth in a closed system. If only we could fast forward this experiment several million years, perhaps then we would have our definitive answer. We have a very good idea, though.

  • All scientific theories pretty much have been.

    We have DNA, the fossil record, Ring Species, observed "micro" evolution, etc., etc. It is backed by mountains of evidence. To deny evolution is to deny the scientific method. To deny the scientific method is to deny science. Denying science is one of the stupidest things a person can do.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Here lies the proof

    Evolution of animal species has been proven due to the fact that humanity is a fallacy. Therefore, society is a fallacy. Society was once green but now it has fallen to humanity which has fallen. Therefore, evolution has been proven; thus, evolution of animal species has been proven due to humanity being humanity.

  • Yes it has.

    The theory of evolution has withstood criticism from both the scientific and religious domain. It only continues to gather more and more momentum as we learn about our planet and our biology. If anyone has any questions or counter arguments they can visit talkorigins.Org and have their questions more than answered.

  • Time and time again.

    The evolution of animal species has been provenbeyond doubt. There are certaintly areas of the theory that arent entirely clear to us but the theory is no longer in question. You can take any one sub branch of science (paleontology, genetics, carbon dating) and completely ignore it and the evidence will still always point towards the evolution of biological species.

    The theory of evolution can account for so much of the world around us and a better understanding of the theory can lead to better understanding in a huge variety of fields.

  • Yes it has

    There has been an experiment in which researchers changed the environment in a laboratorium to see if they could modify a species of bacteria, eventually, a whole new species was created, the EHEC bactreria. In a simpler way, dogs have evolved out of wolves by human hand, with enough time, anyone could create a new race of dogs.

  • Theory - in science - does not mean what opponents think it does.

    The word theory, in many non-scientific minds, means a thought, an idea, a possibility to study further. It is not understood to be fact. The truth is, however, that the word 'Theory', when used in scientific context, means that a very large burden of proof has been met, to the point that it can be considered fact. Another theory in biology is called 'cell theory' - the theory that all living things are made up of cells. Now, we know that this is true - we can take a microscope to any living thing and see cells. The theory of relativity - we know that's true - just try to get by the speed of light, time dilation's real, etc. Gravity? Yup, also a theory.

    Evolution is also a theory in this sense as well. Common cell structure, vestigial organs, fossil records, carbon dating, DNA, gene combinations, genetic mutations, the existence of the field of genetic engineering - these all point to the truth of evolution. I would challenge evolution's opponents to study it, truely, with an open mind. Not to study and try to refute every point made, not to force everything into a 6000 year-old Earth model, and not to learn it from a person who themselves does not believe it. I mean really pick up a biology textbook and study it. Evolution is good science. It did not start with an ASSUMPTION that all life arose from common ancestry, but rather arrived at that statement as a CONCLUSION by studying evidence.

    Creation is a faith-based world view. People choose which faith to believe in, and there are many to choose from. Faith lays out a moral pathway for people to follow and tries to explain, above all else, what comes after death.

    Religious texts, however, are not scientific texts. Science, tells what is - what actually exists in the world we all live in now. It explains the way the world works. It is not something you get a choice in what to believe to be true. Believing that gravity doesn't exist won't make you fly, and believing in creation won't make evolution any less-true. History is littered with conflicts between science and religion. 'Blasphemers' trying to find the truth about the world were often persecuted - Galileo, Bruno for examples.In every case of this, science has come out ahead in the end. This is because science is not a 'majority rules' thing - you don't get to vote on it.

  • Of course it is.

    Evolution has been shown to be correct multiple times, and as such is considered a fact. The biggest problem is that creationists and intelligent designers do not understand what a scientific theory is. Or I could just be feeding the trolls, in which case evolution is a fact. Why does this question keep coming up?

  • It has, the answer is whether your a theistic evolutionist or atheist

    Evolution has been proven in the human skull fossil record beyond some doubt. Here is a link for human evolution:


    Evolution has been proven and also there are fossil records for other species. Although it has been proven it is impossible to know all the evolutionary steps of all the worlds animals.

  • Is "Evolution" a theory or fact? Is it totally proven that all species developed from common ancestry?

    Evolution is pretty much excepted, even though Darwin himself disproved his own thesis. The period of time for any sort of deviation or mutation needed for an evolutionary leap or change would also suggest that it is almost impossible that evolution is true on our current timeline. It seems the idea of long periods of time are scientific crutch to explain how we got at our present state. Why aren't we seeing better adapted and more diversity of our current species? Wouldn't there be more deviations of species? Example: pterodactle fossils are the only flying species of their kind spanning thousands of years--there is NO precursor or prototype for this species found yet.

  • It has not

    Been proven but it has just been a way for people to say we don't need laws because we are all evolved apes waiting to die without reason or purpose, because that's the life atheists want to have, but apparently there are still apes which makes no sense because if evolution were true there would be no apes.

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