Has the federal government become too intrusive?

Asked by: jtightlips24
  • Of course they are!

    The US government has intruded on many forms of communication such as e-mail, phones,and even your online history is not safe from the prying eyes of the government. The sad thing is that this spying for US citizen's "safety"has the opposite effect. People notice this and tend to be angry when they realize that the government has read their e-mails and their search history.

  • Yes it has due to the fact that according to the NSA leaks provided by Edward Snowden they spy on nearly every communication.

    According to the NSA leaks provided by Edward Snowden, the NSA, who is managed by the United States of America Government spies on every country in excess. This is shown with their spying of world leaders[1] including the leaders of Norway, Mexico, Germany, and countless others. The NSA has also been monitoring countless calls not only in their own country, but the whole world as shown with the recent leaks showing that they monitored 33 million phones calls in Norway[2], and 60 million phone calls in Spain[3].

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  • Too much than they can chew

    The only job of the Federal Government is to make sure the states uphold the constitution, so the individual states and cities don't turn into miniature police states. Like Europe, the states should have more sovereignty to handle their own affairs, and due to their size will be under closer watch by locals.

  • Do you want to be safe?

    I think that the primary concern for any being on earth is the will to survive. Our government is using our information to weed out potential terrorists and security threats to our great nation. While I;m not an "America first" guy, I do believe that we should allow government a look into our personal lives if it ends up saving others. Also, ISIS and other terrorist organizations mainly use social media and the internet today, which is the main source of surveillance. Overall, the issue is whether you're willing to give up privacy for safety, and I certainly am.

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