• At first no.

    The second wave has caused a negative effect on society. I think feminism has instead become a hate group. It's not about equality anymore, now it's about gaining more benefits for women than that of men. It's become like a winy group of unhappy house wives. But since I believe in equal work = equal pay, I would be labeled as a feminist. But unfortunately I believe that's up to the woman and her employer, that's why women get payed less, because they except lower pay.

  • Slightly Out of Hand

    While I agree that there should be equality in pay and rights for both genders, I feel like it is getting a little out of control. For instance, if a man does not want to have or care for a child he is a deadbeat father, yet when a woman does not ant to do the same she is pro-choice. How does that work? At this point I would argue that women are in a better societal position than males. Women get showered with gifts for Valentines Day and anniversaries and men get a free hug. What? Men have to pay for ever dinner with a woman, and with all the standards they set forth about nice and fancy restaurants, that can add up quickly. When a woman hits a man she is independent, yet when a man hits a woman he is a heartless bastard. While the concept is good, at this point it is well past equal.

  • It's no longer about equality... It's about supremacy.

    Women used to fight for freedom and equality, but now they're just pushing.

    Women have equal right. While not everyone treats them equally, not everyone will, and you can't make them. Finding equality is about being equal in government, and everything else follows in time.

    Now, a judge will give the woman everything... They receive preference over anyone else. But they keep fighting. Once you find equality (or for women, preference) in Government, you need to stop. Anything else is simply pushing too hard. When you push too hard, the only thing that gets pushed back is you.

    After equality is found in Government, you need to teach your kids love, and stick by your ideas, and stop shoving them down people throats. You may have equality in Government, but you will never appear equal to others by shoving the idea in their face.

  • Yes it has

    Feminism has gone from better women control in society to disagreeing with men no matter what. Feminism has gone from creating more options for women to stereotyping what a women should be and do. Thus becoming the thing early feminist battled against. Feminism become something women once stood for to becoming something some women don't want to be connected to. Feminism turned from a view that allowed women power to become somthing women are shameful for.

  • Yes I has

    1st and 2nd wave feminism was about getting basic rights (like voting and employment) but 3rd and 4th wave feminism has gotten out of hand being a man hatting movement. Just about all the topics and "facts" feminists have bought forward have been de-bunked (for example the wage gap or the pink tax). If you search up what feminism means it means equality but that's not what I would call current feminism. I mean if they spent the same amount of time they did complaining but instead at their jobs then maybe they would be working the same hours as men ultimately resulting in an average equal pay. Another thing that annoys me about feminists is that if they have a women's march and a man proves something wrong or challenges their opinions he is seen as a misogynous so women seem to team up against him shouting at him and in some cases assault him which is somehow seen as heroic. Now if the man dared to fight back he would not be seen as heroic but instead probably reported to police, Possibly charged with something. I believe that feminism had the right ideas to begin with but is now just really biased and quite frankly ridiculous like for example how is a man spreading his legs slightly deemed as "sexist" or somehow attacking women.

  • Too many extremist have hijacked the movement

    It's much like Islamic terrorism - when peaceful Muslim's don't speak out against the acts of terror, they are assumed to be complicit with the actions. Many women do not agree with the extreme views of the modern feminist - but you don't see them speaking out against them, either. You see male bashing ALL the time now, in commercials, television shows, movies, etc - they are the butt of the joke - the constant idiot in the room. There are non-stop attacks on men in the media in an attempt to emasculate them. But, most women sit by idol. When asked if they say the 'abuse' they mostly say yes but don't feel the need, or desire, to call it what it is. Possibly for fear of backlash from extreme feminists in their friends circle. Women also say standing up for women, even by men, help all! So, you don't have to be a woman to stand up for women, but it appears you have to be a man to stand up for men! This only means that when the backlash happens (and it will) it will sweep ALL women with it instead of just the extremists.

  • It's all backwards

    Society listens to the media far too much and the discourse is solely aimed at maligning every man on the planet. I work with females who earn significantly more than I do. I have had two bad partners both of which were abusive whilst I'm a gentle easy going male I get the rough end of the stick. The younger generation of women I often see are rude aggressive and will think nothing of undermining a male in the workplace. I was a manager until recently and would not manage young women again. I see the benefits of feminism however as everything else it has become an entitlement. In my particular workplace sexist comments about men go on all day long and some of the talk is downright disgusting. But of course men are to blame for everything and the media will continue to feed misinformation along with social media. Maybe the experts should hop on a train or bus once in a while and they would see feminism at it's best or worst depending on your point of view !

  • Females are the new man

    They sleep around like men. They will straight up assault a man in public because they know they can get away with it. If you don't fight back you are totally emasculated and then they will call you a bitch like a true alpha male. If you do fight back they become female again only problem is now you have to fight a bunch of white nights. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. My ex use to beat on me. Her manly energy was absolutely digusting and she could not understand why I started to sleeping on the couch. The reason was not only would she physically assault me, she would innitiate sex and that was the last straw. I swear she just morphed into a man. When I did initiate sex with her it was after being totally spasterd so I could just pump that shit and get out the room back to the couch. She became more man than I could hope to be. Thanks femenism! Manly men are fucking disgusting and most american women are like that. I am mgtow now and done with women. Take your feminism and fuck right off!

  • Feminism is gynocentric but claims equality

    Feminism now claims they are about Equality without stating that they mean 'for Women' (although some do make this distinction). The problem is that Feminism is rooted in the idea that Women are not Equal and therefore Feminism is required; this creates a paradox where Feminists are creating the problem they say they are trying to fix.

  • It is anti feminine

    It states that the sexes are equal, yet encourages women to act like men.
    Anything traditionally feminine is wrong. Marriage, children, being a homemaker, saving yourself for marriage, being ladylike in deportment.
    The West is dying thanks to feminism. We are committing suicide by not having enough children to even replace ourselves. Women will never be men no matter how hard they try, nor should they.
    Women have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to care for the family and bear children. Men have evolved to provide and protect the family. It has worked to both sexes mutual benefit until a group of women today we would identify as transgendered, hated being women and began the so called feminist movement.

  • No it hasn't

    If anything feminism has made society better. Women have most of the same opportunities as men. Back in the day having a woman in combat seemed crazy but look at today. Women are allowed in combat. There is still a long way to go. Women still dont get equally paid in some jobs and most people under the poverty line are women.

  • Feminist has become a dirty word . . .

    And honestly, I can understand why. But allow me to clarify that there is a difference between a femi-nazi and a feminist. A feminist represents equality for women, meanwhile a femi-nazi see's women being mistreated in instances when they aren't and thinks men need to have their genitals cut off. And yes, while such people may exist, lets never forget that there will always be obnoxious, rude, and down right mean-spirited of every group of people we look at. Even then though, I don't exactly think the biggest problem with feminism is a few rude people that exist here and there. I think it's how divisive the group has become. Two examples is prostitution and pornography. Feminism can go either way on these issues. One side argues that it's demeaning towards women, while the other argues that letting women do whatever they want isn't demeaning.

    With all that said though, I don't believe it has backfired. While feminism may make us think of the occasional femi-nazi and while it may be quite divided, I think it's important for women to have a group which specifically represents them much in the same way we need groups that represent animal rights, LGBT, and any other group of people.

  • There is an authoritarian backlash.

    Feminism has not achieved equality and gone on to something else. There is a conservative backlash against progress of all types. Progress disadvantages those who had unwarranted advantages in the first place, as has always been intended by progressives. Thus, the privileged try to keep their privileges. Gender segregation is still prevalent in even the most equal countries.

  • "Backfired" might not be the best word.

    So long as policies such as the Comstock Law have been overturned, I cannot justifiably claim the feminist movement has backfired against society. After all, the Comstock Law along with other policies in US history condones a cycle of marital rape and unwanted pregnancies upon women without their choice whatsoever. If the question is: "has the feminist movement caused more harm than good," I would say the feminist movement has created a better society.

    Nonetheless, has it backfired? Again, I think we must say no. Despite the gains women have made in government equal protection, a female still earns 77 cents to a man's dollar for doing the same job. There still needs to be individuals working towards gender equality. Thus, so long as feminists work towards these goals, which they are, this hasn't truly backfired against society. Perhaps current tactics used have backfired against the MOVEMENT, impeding its progress. Against society, on the other hand, I'd say the movement still has work to do.

  • Continue the fight.

    We have moved past the dark days of the 1950s where women were only allowed to be worthless housewives. Unfortunately, there are still battles to fight in other nations. We need to keep religious extremists from eroding the rights of women. The religious right is forcing us back into the dark ages.

  • Without A Doubt

    It has transferred it an "Women's Entitlement" movement. With things like a "male tax" promoted and claims that if a part of sociability does not have at least 50% women that it is sexist are absurd. It has moved far beyond empowering women and has moved into the realm of absurd accusation of patriarchy and trying to (more-or-less) promote a matriarchy.

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