• Yes it has

    Yes, the five year stimilus has helped out our nation quite a bit, and I think that it will continue to grow as the years go on, untill we are back to the former way we were, where the economy of the US was booming and the riches in the world.

  • We are better

    You may disagree with stimulus spending, but you have to admit that our country is much better off right now than it was five years ago. The stock market is higher than ever, the unemployment rate is dropping significantly, and large areas of industry or functioning well. It has worked.

  • No It Hasn't

    I do not believe the five year long stimulus helped America. It is obvious that the economy is still drastically dragging in comparison to its pre-recession times and now that this stimulus is coming to an end it is obvious that it hasn't helped improve the situation. I personally don't believe it helps to manipulate the economy.

  • No it hasn't.

    From what I can tell and notice it does not seem like the five year long stimulus has helped America or even done anything remotely good for us so far. We have so many problems going on right now that small fixes and passive fixes are not going to work for us.

  • Not a huge effect

    The stimulus might have had an effect on the economy, its honestly really hard to truly get an answer to that since the alternative is completely unknown. Still, the economy, over the course of five years would have changed anyway, its hard to measure what portion is due to stimulus.

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