• Women in power

    I think women should bring more of a community feel to the workplace and stop being just as hardass like men a more of working together sense of unity seeing the bigger picture and I believe in Japan they have a place for their children to be near them at work time outs motherhood is a valuable assets to life and it’s fut generations

  • I believe women broke the glass ceiling with some caveats

    There are many successful women working in big companies in big leadership roles. I believe the glass ceiling is broken in many businesses but no all of them. Additionally, there is a cost with breaking into upper management. Often it requires women to not be woman-like. They are expected to maintain a certain tough facade. I think there is still some improvement required.

  • There are many female execs.

    Yes, the glass ceiling has been broken, because there are many female execs who have risen to very high positions. One of the car companies is headed by a woman. Hilary Clinton used to be the secretary of state as well as Condoleeza Rice. Women are able to go as far as they want to.

  • Women are better then ever

    Women in today's world have broken through almost every barrier including the glass ceiling. We for sure one day will a woman president. And the way it is looking it could be very soon. Women in general are leaders and just as good as men and will continue you break through everything including the glass ceiling.

  • Yes They Have

    I believe women have broken through a glass ceiling. Women are taking prominent positions in a variety of different activities, however many women are being torn from the home to follow career paths they couldn't care less about. As a mother I would much rather raise my children without worrying about a career, but economics and bills stop me from doing so now. Some women may breath a sigh of relief, but another group is very concerned about social norms.

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