• Ya it is more profitable for farmers

    Offcourse green revolutioon help the farmers to get benefit after green revolution farmers has found way to increase crop yield which is immense benifit With the increase in farm production the earnings of the farmers also increased and they became prosperous. This has, especially, been the case with big farmers having more than 10 hectares of land.

  • Yes, the Green Revolution has benefitted farmers.

    I believe the Green Revolution has benefited farmers in many ways. Technology has found ways to dramatically increase crop yields, which is of immense benefit to farmers. There have been modifications made to make crops require less water and be blight resistant. There have been advances in farming techniques which have cut down on labor. All in all, farmers have benefited much.

  • Yes, not only farmers, everyone

    The Green Revolution has helped everyone with the idea that it is helping with the food crisis and helping humans adapt and overcome and in the process farmers have made extra money. With increased population we have to learn new ways of feeding them. Science and technology are a benefit to everyone.

  • Well actually five

    I was a chicken but actually one time I spoke to magnus and he told me that if you don't have chips and sweetcorn with your steak then you might aswell not have steak and I guess he has a point but then again he is slightly autistic and stuff.

  • Farmers Are Gone

    I do not believe the Green Revolution has benefited farmers. Living in the Midwest among some of the most fertile grounds in the country, I can tell you that the majority of the land here has been bought up by large corporations. This means that the farmers you are speaking of, are simply employees. Therefore, it is easy to assume that farmers in general, have not benefited.

  • The Green Revolution has not reached commercial farming yet.

    The Green Revolution has not benefited farmers as of yet. The highly popular and widespread use of chemicals and genetic engineering still has most commercial farmers on the radar as not being green yet. The Green Revolution will have to be much more far-reaching, into to the costs of natural seeds, pesticides, and more, for this revolution to benefit farmers.

  • No, going green has not been profitable for farmers.

    No the Green Revolution has not benefited farmers. Those who have tried to support the "Green" movement have incurred more debt. The requirement of less emissions particularly caused farmers to rework their entire set of tools and machines. The standard set for carbon footprints causes even natural things like cow manure to become bio hazards.

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