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  • Hungary Harrasment Continues

    The Roma people are still dealing with harrassment in Hungary, and such a trend won't reverse any time soon. Unfortunately, racism and harrassment are a part of daily life for the Roma living in Hungary today. These people don't deserve such treatment, and the country needs to curb such harrassment at all costs.

  • No, it is still an active issue.

    No, the harassment of Roma in Hungary has not ceased, because many of the Roma are still unsettled. With many disagreeing about what to do with the Roma situation, there is too much room open for harassment and bullying. Until there are stronger laws in place and a unified plan, the harassment of the Roma in Hungary will continue.

  • The harassment of Roma in Hungary has not completely ceased.

    Although the harassment of Roma in Hungary has decreased considerably in recent years, there is still some deep seeded resentment that occasionally leads to tensions. The Roma themselves, however, tend to keep these tensions minimal by keeping mostly to themselves and not engaging with people outside of their own culture.

  • The harassment of Roma in Hungary has not ceased

    The harassment of Roma in Hungary has not ceased. This is because of the fact that the Roma are gypsy people. Gypsy people will always be harassed as they are a nomadic people. Nomadic people often find themselves in places where many people do not want them, and are harassed because of this.

  • Roma Still Discriminated Against

    The Roma are still discriminated against in Hungary because of their ways and refusal to modernize. Hungary hasn't yet gotten used to the Roma and their ways because the media exacerbated the plight of the Roma and the issues modern Hungary has with gypsies. Hungary still has a way to go.

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