Has the idea of celebrities become a burden on society rather than a positive influence?

Asked by: ralesty
  • The idea of celebrities has been taken too far

    Society naturally look for role models and people to look up to or admire. However, there is a difference between admiring someone for their success/positive influence and completely idolising someone to a point where their lives are a major part of the media we watch and lives we live. I feel as though the world is constantly dreaming of celebrity status and almost living other people's lives. There are many reasons for this, i.E some people feel these "celebrities" lives are more interesting/important than their own and therefore they spend all their time glorifying and watching this person's life.
    Celebrities are a totally made up part of society which we have created for our own pleasure. We put people on a pedal-stool which is impossible to maintain and therefore the person falls to a low and worthless-feeling point. So in actual fact, although we are making these people famous and successful for whatever they may have done, we are inevitably ruining their future life. A lot of celebrities have been known for turning to drugs due to the overwhelming success or overwhelming decline in success. I don't see how we haven't addressed these issues yet; it seems absurd.
    Like I mentioned at the beginning, I realise the idolising of others is something that comes naturally to humans and we cannot get away from this, but I feel it has gotten to a peak know where it has become a way of life to feel below these people.

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