• I agree that the internet has definately helped spread democracy.

    Not only do I believe that democracy has been helped by the Internet I feel that the Internet is a sounding board for people from all walks of life finding like minded individuals working toward a common goal. We see everyday specific comments and posts alike pushing individual feelings and opinions on others

  • It Has Helped

    It definitely seem to has done something with all the uprisings in the last few years. There was Egypt, Iran, Syria, and now the Ukraine, and Bosnia again. People seem not have no tolerance towards the dictatorship type of running a country anymore. They can see how people are able to voice their opinions online and they want the same thing.

  • No, the use of the internet is available only to a small segment of the world population

    While it may appear that the internet has helped spread democracy, that capacity has been limited to only to those people and countries wealthy enough to afford access to computers, electricity and internet capabilities. While it may have opened up avenues of communication to those privileged enough to afford it, it has left the majority of the world, too poor to gain access, out of the loop and this is not in keeping with the ideals of democracy.

  • No, but it does spread unrest with status quo.

    The availability of the internet has helped to spread news of what is going on all over the world, which has sparked some helpful unrest and protest. Whether that spreads democracy or not an whether it should is another question. Each nation should be free to develop its own form of government.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that the internet has helped spread democracy, and I do not see a way that it could. People from other countries can look up things about our country, but it is not going to make them swap over to a new form of government by seeing it.

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