• Sad but true - yes, it has.

    I'm speaking not only about plagiarism in writing - no doubt that many authors and writers have damaged their reputation because of plagiarism in the Internet. In academic area, it's still a serious problem. Instead of trying to find their own words, many students try to find new places where they can borrow someone's else materials. Of course, technology is improving, and thanks to plagiarism detectors as Turnitin or Unplag plagiarism checker is much easier to find and punish plagiarists.

  • Yes, it has.

    I think the internet has definitely made plagiarism skyrocket. It is much easier to sit at any computer and type something in a search engine and have something to copy at your fingertips. However, the ability to find something to plagiarize anywhere instantly is a double edged sword. It is also easier to check if texts are plagiarized because of the Internet.

  • Unfortunately, this is true.

    This is good question that I have not really given a great deal of though about. That being said, yes, I do think the Internet has made plagiarism skyrocket; because, the Internet has made so much valuable information more accessible for anyone, especially students. That being sid, it makes plagiarism basically easier.

  • Yes it is possible.

    I think the Internet allows for more plagiarism than times before the Internet existed because we have so much knowledge available to us in a matter of seconds. You can Google and find papers upon papers of literally anything a person wants. This makes it way too easy for people to steal content.

  • Easier to Find Material

    Plagiarism on the Internet has skyrocketed because there is a lot of source material from which to take. People can try to find where the original source is, but that task is more and more difficult with so much material buried online. The worst offenders are those who copy books or magazine articles verbatim from older material not found on the Internet.

  • No, it has always existed.

    No, the Internet has not made plagiarism skyrocket, because plagiarism has always existed in its forms, but the way people do it have just changed. It might be easier for someone to use the internet to copy a paper, but people have always wanted to cheat, as long as they have been ordered to write papers.

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