Has the internet made us less curious and inclusive?

  • People turn to the internet to find things out, instead of going out and figuring things out for themselves.

    As baldr said, the internet is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it's fabulous that we're able to pull up Google and look up something we want to know, but I think having that advantage has made us less curious. We're not going to put much thought into finding things out when we know we can just pull out a phone or laptop and find the answer within minutes.

  • The internet has reduced the need for personal interactions, and with it came the loss of proper communication skills.

    In the past, people used to write letters to each other, and after that it would take about two days to reach the other person. Today, with things like email and social networking, one can contact another person as quickly as a few seconds. This shows how the internet has made communication a lot faster and more efficient. However, with this blessing, comes a curse. Emails are now written bluntly and short, without any care at all, as compared to the past where letters were written carefully and meticulously. We have become worse at communicating with each other.

  • The opposite, in fact.

    With the advent of the internet, people are more inclusive and accepting than ever, as well as more ready to learn. Long ago when scribes had to copy text by hand, you had to be very rich and/or motivated in order to learn about the outside world. The vast majority of people would hear their local opinions and stories about certain people, events, and cultures, and would have to assume that was correct since there was nothing to compare it to. With the internet, is infinitely easier to learn about, well, just about anything. It used to be you'd have to travel far away and live with a culture for a good dozen years or so in order to learn about them. Now, given an internet connection and a few hours, one can learn about said culture, its neighbors, its history, and Kevin Bacon's life story with ease.

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