Has the internet REALLY gotten rid of the need for a new musical movement? I question this based on SoundCloud rap making big waves.

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  • SoundCloud rap has made massive waves in music over the past few years; it's practically a movement built off the internet.

    The way the genre came into the mainstream mirrors every other post-1976 musical movement:

    Like grunge in Seattle, Punk in New York, London and Brisbane, SoundCloud/mumble rap was based mostly in a specific place: Florida.

    It was one song that pretty much brought the scene to public attention: Look At Me by XXXTentacion.

    Their style of music and sense of fashion has become controversial.

    All of these things add up: I reckon that kickstarting a new musical movement could be easier BECAUSE of the internet. Not necessarily genetically aimed to try and target the mainstream but in general.

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