• Burn Loot Murder

    BLM has gone too far, Tearing down historical statues and painting the streets is preposterous. Many BLM supporters have also supported the looting. Every major city has had a riot and the governor of portland refused to send in national guard to protect its citizens. What a nut job lefty.

  • The hatred and violence has to stop

    I don't even consider myself a Republican, But I voted for Trump twice because I've just heard and seen too much hatred, And intolerance toward people with different opinions, And even violence toward ordinary people. You know your wrong if your side has to rely on censorship and intimidation to keep people in line.

  • It all to much

    The left has completely rected this country they destroyed the family structure the United States has the highest presentage of single parents in the world they are actively re-educationing our kids and actively Embracing abortion humanism and narcissism

    And now they want to send your daughters to die in the sand for oil in name of equality

    When the government says equity lay down and die next to your wife give me oil

  • Nope not at all

    The bigger issue here isn't the left has gone too far, It's more that the USA doesn't know "left" really is. The reason it appears they are too far left is, The US left is like Biden is consider center-right in most developed countries. Some of the Democrats might even be considered far-right.

    The media only makes it look like the left is violent. When numerous studies have shown that the far-right is more violent. And more likely to cause terrorism. But because of their skin color, It gets buried in the news.

    And both sides do take part in cancel culture. The only reason the left seems "better" at it. Is because of socially liberal on social issues, But rigid hard core far right economic, Social media companies.

    The reason we got here? We people are getting more violent and extreme. It's quiet simple, This is what happens when the government ignores people and vital issues. Well the real villains keep us divided and making sure our lives don't improve.

  • Technically, Yes, But

    So has the right. I'm voting no because I don't think that it's to say that only the left has gone too far, When the right has too. I mean obviously, Far left and far right are extremists so it's normal that they've gone too far. And it's not as if either of them were that useful either.

  • What is too far when objecting to existing patterns of violence? Pointing to aberrant acts of violence to dismiss the peaceful demonstrations supports violence.

    There are too many incidents were excessive violence is used when it could have been easily avoided. Mental health is not a criminal act and should be treated as such. Trump has encouraged violence during his rallies and through his twitter account and his denial of truth in the press.

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