• LGBTQ+'s have gone backwards

    Look, I support gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, etc. My two best friends are both lesbians and it doesn't faze me. I love them for who they are, not who they date. Of course I want marriage legalised because people deserve to love, marry and be with whoever they want.
    However, when I see things that are out-there support for gays then something about heterosexuals, it's always mocking straight people. The gay community saying that heterosexuals are "boring" or "un-colourful", are we back to where we were? Judging people for who they love? What happened to equality? When did we bring back the negative labels? Come on, guys! I fully support you; you can date whoever you want and I will not judge you for it. But, do you really need to mock the fact that I am a girl who likes guys? I'm not "old-fashioned" or "boring". I choose to love a man and I should not be mocked for it. You choose to love a girl or guy or someone, do you see me mocking you? No.
    We've come so far, don't turn this around.

  • Tolerance Has Been Replaced by Ignorance

    I do believe there are people out there that identify with being LGB or T. One of my best friends in legitimately transgender. But, this person has never come forth to anyone but his friends and family. Same thing goes for every legitimately gay, bisexual, and lesbian person I have known. None of this has ever affected their personalities or beliefs however, like it has so many others around who want to be LGB or T like its a trend. It needs to stop because it is becoming unreal. More and more, people are identifying as whatever as means for attention and appraisal. It's sickening, really. These people go and make a big deal about it, they say that any argument against them is discrimination, not only on them, but the whole "community." They shouldn't have their own community because they should still be part of ours, because they are still people. But (and I sincerely do believe it is in fault mostly of) the phonies, attention seekers coined LGBT community to try and stand out even more as different. People have forgotten their own individualities in their quest to stand out and be different. Political correctness does not exist today. Wether you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native, Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Male, Female, Questioning, Democratic, Republican, Capitalist, Communist shouldn't matter because we are all people born individual with differ background, personalities, beliefs. But in today's society, it seems only a straight white male is capable of committing crime. If anyone else is convicted, there is controversy about sexism, racism, and discrimination. Tolerance doesn't exist anymore, it's not about being politically correct, it's about trying to be as sensitive as possible, and too much of one thing can turn into a bad thing and run out of control such as what has happened. If we are really to grow as a community, we must all accept that everyone is born equal, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, or politely alignment. We must accept that we are all capable of achieving, thinking, feeling, and acting by ourselves. We must all accept that anyone can do something great or heinous and it doesn't matter who you are. We can all be wrong. But until we can accept fault, we will never grow.

  • Trampling the rights of others

    I think in some ways they go to far. To be clear I am not anti gay nor am I religious. I just think that in their zest to gain "equality" they don't think of those around them nor care what their beliefs are. They basically say: It doesn't matter what your beliefs are if you don't agree with me then you are a bigot. The whole bathroom war is the perfect example. It sets a precedent that will allow peeping toms and pedophiles to go into whatever bathroom/changeroom they want (I am not referring to lgbt people) and all they have to do is say I identify with this gender whether they do or not. The first time I see a man in the womens change room at our local Y I will never bring my daughters there again. Nevermind the different religions and beliefs of people that I don't personally believe but they do and strongly. I think the lgbt deserves our respect and understanding but they also need to be respectful and understanding of others.

  • I hate the new Generation

    Our world has gone to shit,i hate this everywhere i go in my school and other places the children's youth is now being corrupted all because of these lgbt people a child shouldn't have a parent like that,its a bad vibe for the child when they grow or already grown they will either move out or kill them and that will cause a hate crime etc whatever it should be done we need to destroy this threat,YOU lgbt people will never be accepted,you disgust me...

  • Its political correctness

    Its pushing children and young parents into not choosing a gender and accepting boys to wear dresses and girls to dress like a boy. Its wrong and going too far. Its like a fashion statement to have a sex change or "not have a gender" you are either male or female - you cant not be either.

  • Being heterosexual seems to be a crime!

    We have gay pride, LGBT pride, black pride... I could go on and on. If someone paraded white pride or straight pride, they would automatically be branded as a white neo-Nazi criminal and a homophobe. If we are by all means equal and equality is what we are promoting, then we should promote just that. Not rub in people's faces our own sexuality and gender/whatever gender we want to give ourselves. Equality means equality, not giving special privileges to those who can't help but raise a banner every time they pass through the streets. It's getting to the point now where heterosexual people (and white, can I add?) are being persecuted for being so. We can't even apply for jobs and be successful without branding ourselves with a label of LGBT. If LGBT are just the same as the rest of us (which they are), then why the demanding and parading?

  • Going too far?

    I believe in LGBT rights, and that everyone should be treated equally. However, sometimes they go a little too far. In an LGBT in my school, they make labels for so many types of people that it's not even a gender or sexuality. Liking only people of a certain hair color/race/sexuality is not a sexuality. It's just your own preference or type of person you like. I also notice that some people take advantage of LGBT rights and pretend to be transgender or bisexual to get attension(I'm not saying everyone is). Isn't this, in a way, violating people with real gender and sexuality differences? I think we should all stop being sensitive about everything, and treat LGBT people like any other person, not like a special being that we have to guard at all time. I don't think they really want all that attention.

  • LGBT are selfish and prejudice

    It's all about distorting human life and twisting the youth of the world, it's unnatural and causes disease, lack of morals and all about lust. People inclined that way need medical mental health support and you will find that most have issues stemmed from their youth. It demeans human dignity and natural law. Stop this lgbt movement - they don't support charities are down right selfish and should stop pushing their agendas on humananity!

  • It Is too Much

    The gay rights movement is going to far to the point where they are getting more than annoying and they need to calm down... Gay people take their pride too far and start to get the mindset that being gay is okay and that their mental disability is okay and acceptable in this culture

  • It's more than rights they want...

    I believe in LGBT rights to the degree LGBT persons should be given the protection, accommodation, and the freedom every person in our nation deserves. If a police officer is brutal to someone who is LGBT, then by all means - this is a violation and their rights need to be defended. There are numerous other examples of course.

    However, the idea that all of America must agree and even celebrate every one of their tenets is unrealistic, unjust, and not even practical. Even within the LGBT people are in disagreement. It doesn't seem right others can't hold a contrary opinion without being shouted down as bigoted or homophobic, especially when that opinion is informed, understanding, and loving.

    I'm a rock climber and a father. Some people don't agree I should be scaling vertical walls when I have young children at home who love and depend on me. I certainly respect their opinion and agree to disagree. I particularly appreciate their thoughts though when I know they coming from a place of concern. It sharpens me and reminds me to be keep vigilant and safe on the rock.

    One thing I would never do is force them to accept my love for climbing. Neither would I insist that they give up their "ignorant" concerns and demand they, in some way, celebrate my next ascent at the crag.

    Of course, I know as with every analogy - this one breaks down. But what I'm trying to say is - in general, it's not right to make people against something they are morally, intellectually, or religiously for, or vice versa. It's even more wrong to ask them to be complicit in something they don't agree with.

    Every person is deserving of their absolute rights given to them by Creator. But that does not mean a right to have everyone agree with me.

  • Has the Civil Rights movement gone too far?

    No it hasn't. Until we give them equal rights, and that includes laws against discrimination and it includes full equality, then they are going to keep fighting and they should. The Civil Rights movement didn't stop until they had full equality, and so should do so the the LGBT movement.

  • They are normal people

    Just because people have different sexual orientations, or gender identities, doesn't mean they need to be treated extremely differently. The problem here is really people's resistance to change, and their bias against different people. We, as a society have mostly gotten over the hill of racism, and this is the next hill we have to climb.

  • At the end of the day it's a mental disorder.

    Transgender and people wanting to change themselves or not feeling right in their bodies is not a healthy way of thinking. It's called GID. It should be diagnosed and treated appropriately not advertised. If you had ADHD or another mental disorder, you wouldn't go around telling everyone you need rights and anyone who doesn't agree is a selfish closed minded bigot. I do feel the need to say though I'm not against LGBT but I think it needs to be looked at appropriately.

  • No way !

    The LGBTs are the most discriminated minority in every country.They are murdered because of the fucking way they were born,or they take their lives because of they treatment they get.The LGBT movement will have gone too far only when there will be no more suicides.Until that moment,the LGBT movement is doing what it should

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