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  • The lottery has become the working person's hope for freedom.

    Winning the lottery has become a necessary element to the average American worker. The lottery provides any ticket holder with hope. By purchasing a lottery ticket, the holder purchases the ability to dream of financial freedom. The average American has little hope of doing much more than surviving financially. Without hope it becomes difficult to drive oneself forward. The lottery provides a universal hope that any American can purchase.

  • It is poor...

    People paying for rich kid's education. Ever see any rich people playing the lottery? No, because they know better than to waste their money on such a poor rate of return. The lottery is gambling, but for some reason it is legal, when a game of skill, like poker is not. The lottery shouldn't even exist in my opinion. It just makes poor people more poor.

  • The lottery was never essential

    I do not think the lottery is an integral part of American lives because it does not apply to all people; being one who is not an active participate in lottery myself, and being around other adults who do not I would hardly considered it an activity that is as fundamental as the statement would presume. Also, it is an unnecessary habit that I would categorize into the same spectrum of hobbies.

  • No it hasn't

    I don't see how the lottery can be considered an integral part of American lives. I believe less people play the lottery than those that do play it. Therefore, it can't be considered an integral part of American lives. The lottery is simply a way for the government to make more money.

  • The lottery isn't integral to American lives, at least not in my world

    I have not experienced the integration of the lottery into American life. I think that there's a fair amount of people who derive great pleasure from playing, and I don't see this as a problem. I don't see it as a widespread pandemic or an issue that needs to be addressed.

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