• Not all of them

    Some information on the media is prone to the people the writer tends to while some is against the other. Many people require posts or newspaper to be honest or reflect the truth so that readers can understand the reality. It is very important to convey the truth to other because it may help improve much things in the world

  • Yes It Has

    I believe the media has become too partisan. I think it's pretty bad that the bias between Fox News and CNN is so well documented and known. I believe Americans are led down the wrong path when this happens because it stops the sides from hearing the unbiased thoughts of the other side. I believe it breaks down communication.

  • Yes, it has.

    There is too much bias in the media and definitely way too much partisanship. All of the major news networks lean or stand on one side of the political aisle, and are ran and owned and operated by people who have these biases. Major news networks are never just neurtral.

  • The media is extremely partisan.

    Yes, the media has become much too partisan. The various news organizations almost always lean one way or the other, and they spin their stories accordingly. This presents a problem for the public in that they are often receiving biased information. It would be much better if the media would present stories objectively, as does Al Jazeera.

  • has the media

    Multitudes of commentators have written and spoken about the perceived increase in partisanship over the past twenty years or so. The evidence for this is rather limited, but it does appear to most people that compromise is harder to arrive at and the bickering is more constant. This lack of bipartisanship has been blamed on extremists in each party, gerrymandered Congressional districts (which lead to the previous possible reason), and even the diffusion of media sources which has served to reinforce more hardened positions since people are only exposed to the public.

  • Yes: The Media has Become Too Partisan

    The partisanship of the US media does not simply show up as cheap shots and biased reporting. It also comes through as maintaining a Democratic and Republican infrastructure that cannot be adequately challenged by third party candidates. This is a problem in terms of allowing for fresh approaches in politics. By keeping the media and people in general fighting partisan issues, the conversation is controlled and narrowed.

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