• The new "Melting Pot" is not the old.

    During the first wave of immigration, although from different countries, the multi-culturalism was not the same as today. The country was started predominantly by white Europeans that for the most part were of Christian faith. It was easier for these groups to assimilate into a new country and their traditions and cultures much more closely resembled each other than the immigrants of today. Fast forward to slavery. Slavery was wrong, wrong, wrong, but so was the decision to allow blacks to gain citizenship in the county. This was the first effort to assimilate a very different people into the American culture. Although there were gains from this decision I feel there was much more we lost. To this day African Americans still refuse to assimilate to the majority and have kept a strong culture within their communities that is very different than what most Americans find appealing or what was envisioned by our forefathers. Most people that are called racist do not hate blacks as a people they simply do not feel comfortable with their culture and would rather not be part of it. This was the tipping point to the new melting pot of today and the path of destruction we are on. Moving forward it became more acceptable over the years to tolerate very different people entering the American territories due to crooked human rights activists and bleeding heart liberals and corporate greed. Most of these cultures do not want to be a part of the American culture, they come here to use the benefits of this great land and force their culture upon the nation. You can call me racist all you want but I am actually more of a realist. I hate no one, I just am logical enough to realize that multi-culturalism breeds mistrust and destroys nationalism. Would I sign a bunch of golfers to play on my football team? Would I hire a doctor to be my lawyer? NO! All people have a place in the world as a whole but many do not have a place in this great nation. It is harming the the unity of this nation as a whole and it if it continues down this path this nation will never continue to be one of the greatest nations in the world. It will be a chaotic land without an identity.

  • Illegal Immigration

    I think that the "melting pot" is dangerously close to failing, and that illegal immigration is the main cause. Legal immigrants are willing to do what it takes to come to the US and make a better life for themselves, including being tolerant in their culture and learning English. Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, just want to sneak in and get out of their own bad country and make some money. They often want to keep their own culture 100% intact even though they're in a new country, and don't want to learn English. We need to make it easier for legal immigrants to get in while keeping illegals out.

  • It hasn't worked as intended

    In America, we want to think that all the people who immigrate here will just magically make friends and not be seen as another race or minority, yet overall, this has not held true. Just as wee have seen in this election, the vote was divided heavily by race, with Obama carrying a ton of blacks and Hispanics, and Romney having mostly white males. This needs to change.

  • Good idea, yet fundamentally flawed

    The melting pot was a good idea and is yet fundamentally flawed in the fact that it necessitates the watering down of the original cultures that are brought in. A society where many different races and cultures come together to swap ideas and beliefs sound great in words only, however, in reality, it cannot happen. The simple truth is that among these many different peoples that come to our great country looking for a better lease on life we find many opposing ideas that are brought in along with these immigrants. And asking everyone to"melt " with one another consists of Asking these people to give up their original heritage and assimilate with the general populous . And this is exactly what has happened, thus coining the term "Americanized". A term often related to a cheapened watered down version of the original, belief, item, food, etc. in an attempt to "melt " these peoples together. What we have left tis not many different peoples living in harmony together but many different peoples arguing and bickering of what to water down so that we can all agree on how we want the assimilation to look. Much like ideal socialism and ideal communism this is a great concept but has failed to come to fruition in reality. Perhaps seeking a peaceful means of cohabitation would be a better solution than a melding of cultures . In this fashion we can keep the original beliefs alive ad travel to the different gatherings of ethnicities and learn about one another rather than asking them to sacrifice their heritage in an effort to "be more like the rest of us " . A world where everyone is the same is a boring one indeed.

  • Melting pot total failure

    Europeans are western civilization. When you bring in Africans then you recreate Africa here. Notice the black tribes in the inner city. When you bring in mexicans then you get Mexico. Middle westerners will recreate the middle east as they gain more numbers. I guess it's nature over nurture. We are what's in our DNA. I don't hate the others. I just see the truth.

  • No way Jose.

    The American question is always fun. Mostly white European settlers complain there's too many colours diluting this old world protestant charm. Wonder if the native Americans get the difference.
    Evolutionary traits that were once useful in connecting you to your tribe are a hindrance now the tribe has grown somewhat. You know what kids. Our planet is an island crowded and short on supplies, time to stop squabbling and take the hand of your neighbour in friendship.

  • No, it is alive and well.

    All you have to do is look at young people in the United States to see the way that cultures are continuing to blend in a way that is beautiful and beneficial. As has always been the case in American history, the older generation of immigrants is more resistant to learning a new language and new set of ways. But the young are quick to pick up English and to learn American customs while also taking pride in their own roots. The country was founded on immigration, and the melting pot is still bubbling.

  • It's too long established to fail

    The melting pot is what got us where we are today, it's too ingrained in our history to say it failed at this point. It's starting to reject new contributions though, Islamaphobia and general intolerance to others are carried by a pretty significant portion of our population. That said, the melting pot still has overall been successful, just not as embraced as it once was.

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