Has the Men's Rights Movement made a positive impact on society?

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  • Men have been trying for years

    And no one has heard them. Whenever they speak out, they are immediately sought after and shot down by those who do not believe men have the right to speak about their rights.

    Men are human beings too. Their stories deserve to be heard and their lives valued. The misconception that men are sexist bigots, full of hatred towards women, ought to be replaced with more positivity and open discussion.

  • Men are trapped in false cases by wife and in laws.

    In many countries there are no legal rights for reporting men's issues. The fact that the laws are being used for personal vendetta is a reality. Tho housewife's fighting over an issue file rape cases against the others husband. There are plethora of such examples which are not highlighted in the news. Men's issue s do not get the attention.

  • Yes it has

    A lot of people are clearly ignorant on the subject. In case you haven't noticed, men are subjected to a lot of societal pressure and strict gender roles, more so than women. And this is because feminism is now unnecessary in modern society. Before women's rights were even a thing, men were and still are expected to take on more responsibility than women in general. Women also seem to get away with a lot more than men in many cases as well in regards to gender expression, sexual expression etc.. Women can dress in traditional male clothing without much of an issue but if a man dresses very feminine he is ridiculed and subjected to harsh treatment from both men and women. Lesbians are seen as okay but gay men aren't. Men are portrayed as idiots on television and in the media while women are portrayed as empowered, independent victims of male patriarchy. A little girl can play with a basketball or truck, wear blue and play with boys but if a little boy plays with dolls or wears pink, he is a target of bullying from both other children and adults. Men are still expected to provide for and protect women, while women have a choice in the matter. The law chastises men much harsher than women, giving anyone with a penis longer prison sentences for the same crimes. Regardless of who is the better parent, fathers almost always lose custody of the children to the mother. Men are forced to fight in a war while women are not despite the fact that some women are clearly more capable or doing so than some men. If feminism was about equality, then men would be included in that as well. Yet, due to mass brainwashing of society, these issues are practically ignored and men are viewed as privileged, which we are, but so are women in many aspects of life.

  • They've made a negative one

    When you were a kid, and on Mother's Day or Father's Day, you probably asked your parents, "When is Kid's Day?" And they probably said something like, "Everyday is Kid's Day." Well, that's how it is for men of the Men's Rights Movement. Whenever the focus is pulled away from them, they think it's oppression, but they have no idea what oppression is. Are your genitals mutilated so that having sex will be painful so that you won't be tempted to lose your virginity? Are you denied the right to drive anywhere in the world based solely on your gender? Are you ever forced to carry a pregnancy to term, even though it may be damaging to your body? No.

    It would be a different story if the Men's Rights Movement actually tried to solve some problems that men do face and that many feminists consider a legitimate problem, like custody battles, getting men into more jobs that are considered women's work, or high homelessness rates and suicide rates among men. But I don't really see a lot of activism on their part. Mostly what they do if mock and spew hate about women while they sit behind their computers. Even at the first Men's Rights Conference, they mocked women. The Southern Poverty Law Center would classify this movement as a hate group, but they really can't because the members aren't even organized.

    Even worse, this movement is harmful. I'm not saying to directly caused the shootings committed by Eliot Rodger, but many of his supporters who said that what he did was right are part of the Men's Rights movement. This movement teaches men that they are entitled to sex, and entitled to women's bodies, and if women deny them sex they it's our fault and we are the ones to blame. This attitude is what motivated Rodger to commit these shootings.

    Also, remember that hashtag that was trending on Twitter in June? "Reasons to ban father's day" or something like that? It was created not by feminists, but by men's rights activists for the sole reason of making feminists look bad.

    So my final answer is, no, the Men's Rights Movement has not made a positive impact. Not only do they spew hate, but they don't actually do anything. They consider this hate to be a form of activism, but really all it's doing is making the movement look bad.

  • Not at all.

    All it has done is lambaste feminists, from my perspective.

    As a white male, I don't have any rights being curtailed, so I don't see the purpose of this organization.

    They have the easiest civil rights battle on earth. They fight for the "default setting".

    What is one right men don't have?

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