Has the Netflix Original "Orange is the New Black" broken a wall in the entertainment industry in regards to the LGBTQA community?

  • Bringing awareness to the LGBTQA community

    "Orange is the New Black" is bringing awareness to the different types of people in America. Some people lead sheltered lives an may never meet a person from the LGBTQA community. This show gives a representation for people to connect with. The use of actors from this community is what has broken this wall.

  • Yes, Orange is the New Black offers support for the LGBTQA community

    The show is interwoven with themes of non-heterosexual orientation. It humanizes characters and shows the audience that there are different ways to love other human beings and that it's natural and normal for those people. Orange is the New Black embraces those engaged in same sex relationships and positively promotes a trans-gender character. It's an idea whose time has come.

  • Orange is the New Black Breaks New Ground

    Orange is the New Black is a well-crafted program that has definitely broken a wall in the entertainment industry regarding gay and lesbian issues. It presents them in a compassionate way, yet the writing and acting is fresh, funny, and authentic. This program will certainly go down in entertainment history as an important addition to pop culture.

  • No, the sexual relationships portrayed are simply gratuitous.

    As far as sex is concerned, "Orange is the New Black" doesn't really differ from any other shocking drama of a similar vein. It gives exposure to a version of gay and trans lifestyles, but I wouldn't say that it's breaking any walls. Certainly none that shows like "The L Word" haven't already broken. But how could the portrayal of different types of people in an environment like prison ever really equate to real life? The characters and their relationships can only relate to real life to a certain degree.

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