• Yes, No Child Left Behind has benefited the country.

    I think that the program of No Child Left Behind Act has benefited the country of the United States of America. I think that a lot of the policies and goals of the program have helped a lot of the youth in the nation to be successful in their education.

  • Not really at all

    Not really there are kids that are still falling behind and just being pushed through if they perform or not. They are not challenging the kids that struggle hard enough they are just pushing them through if they can read or not. This was the worst implementation of a program.

  • Has not benefited the country

    As a teacher, I strongly believe that the No Child Left Behind Act has not benefited the Country at all. In fact, it has hithered the Country. We want students to truly learn so that they will be successful in College, and in their lives in general. This Act does not ensure that at all.

  • I think it has hindered our county

    No, I do not believe that the No Child Left Behind Act has benefited our country. Sometime a child needs be repeat a grade in order to grasp the information that was given in that time frame. Moving a child forward regardless of his or her performance will make for a weaker society in the long run. This is why the United States is behind the power curve when it comes to education as a whole.

  • Still have same old dysfunction

    I actually think it made the system worse. It is basically saying certain kids are just not worthy of a quality education. That we should not even waste our time or resources on them. People need to come up with a way to where everyone can get a good quality education, no matter what race or income brackets the kids families comes from.

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