Has the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) been beneficial?

  • Nafta was good

    In researching the NAFTA deal I concluded the agreement was overall a good thing for the country. This agreement gave jobs to five million people in America alone, according to “US Chamber of Commerce”. It gave jobs by opening up small businesses in México by taking away tariff costs, therefore better luck to the investors. In oil this deal really helped Americans and improved the Mexican economy, in America the reliance of gaining oil from the middle east dropped down because now they are gaining it from México, which resulted in benefiting the Mexican economy. NAFTA also reduced government spending by affordable contracts in Canada,US, and México, this leads to competition in the different countries, however, competition it is a good thing because it will improve all of their economy’s trying to compete for the top spot.

  • It creates lives

    Without NAFTA I would not have been born, and so I think NAFTA is good, obviously. And it has increased trade with Mexico by dramatic amounts, and so it also helps with our economic prosperity. And since I have no more words left, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

  • Because it does

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  • It is good

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  • NATFA helping us all!!

    NAFTA gives you a better living standard, more goods, services, cuisine, languages,cultural diffusion, possibly more generations, offspring,health,peace of mind, rescue, thanks, goodwill,happiness,and many more things! It is not the fault of a single world leader and we all should recognize this.Many people were most likely involved in this crucial decision for the future and prosperity of America, our home, as well as many other residential places and people around the world! Bill Clinton has a life, family, and feelings too and you should recognize that! There are many places worse off than America, even inside of America we have problems, but we are NOT a third-world nature! We have computers,doctors,food and so, so much more! So quit being man to Bill Clinton. For all you know, I could be Bill Clinton! Or Hillary Clinton for that matter! Or any other person in the Clinton family! So please be kind. He is a human just like you.And God loves everyone, He does not discriminate.
    Thank you.

  • Since 2008 ?

    Since 2008 the net job loss to Canadian manufacturing has been catastrophic. Unemployment in Canada continues to grow exponentially as companies move to cheaper labour in the Southern USA and Mexico. As well, they save significantly on the expenses of environmental protection by moving to poorly protected Mexican centres with no government control for solution etc.

  • It is successful

    The North American Free Trade Agreement gradually cancelled tariffs. This saves us money, because tariffs make imported goods more expensive than homemade goods. NAFTA allows goods to move more freely between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The North American Free Trade was very successful and beneficial in my opinion.

  • Creates More Jobs

    More jobs have been made since NAFTA was launched. About 5 million jobs were supported. The chamber of commerce says that unemployment decreased after NAFTA was formed. At first it was 7.1% before NAFTA was launched and now it is 5.7% after NAFTA was launched from 1994 to 2007. NAFTA

  • This Supporting Headline will be 25 words long when it is done. Please read the Supporting Argument after this. It is way better! Believe me.

    NAFTA has been beneficial no doubt! It has created over 40 Million jobs, and increased trade by over %300! Every day the three countries trade $2.6 Billion worth in goods and services. And it has allowed small businesses to be able to start up, and export goods, without the high tariff rates.

  • Food and Jobs

    Without NAFTA there would be a lot less food, because without NAFTA many fruits and vegetables would be gone. It provides jobs and lowers taxes for the average 4 person house hold. It has spread knowledge and people certainly blame NAFTA for some things that were not its fault such as "destruction in the US" That is why I personally believe that NAFTA is a help not a hinder.

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  • The North American Trade Agreement should not have been signed by Canada because it pollutes our environment.

    Canadian farmers started to use more fertilizers and other chemicals to make their crops grow faster for more trade between the three countries. When the framers use more fertilizer it pollutes our earth by it running into a water system and makes it unhealthy for drinking and sometimes, in the worst cases, even washing. Another reason NAFTA pollutes our area is because of the trucks, trains, and boats that come every now and then with supplies, from United States and Mexico, and Canada taking it to United States and Mexico. With the amount of transportation coming and leaving causes more gas and chemicals bad for the air.

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  • Any trade agreements are bad ideas

    Not only are trade agreements bad for the US worker but they also come with global rules and regulations, choking the ability of each country to govern itself. The Free Trade Agreements are designed to set up regional areas step by step on the road to a one world socialist super state - The United Nations.

  • Mexico Took Over, and lost too.

    With NAFTA, not only did america lose millions of jobs to Mexico, but our country has been flooded with Mexican immigrants who have taken even more american jobs. And mexico doesn't win, now they're forced into 20 cent an hour labor to meet the demands of american consumers. Lose-Lose situation.

  • Has NAFTA been good for Canada?

    NAFTA has sent our manufacturing jobs over seas, driven our economy to the brink of bankruptcy and lowered the standard of living for the majority of Canadians while allowing trade partners to block our products sales in their countries with unfair tariffs leaving us on a downward spiral to feudal system which was the intent of free trade agreements around the world

  • Free Trade Agreement's do not benefit the people living in the stronger economy.

    Example: The US exported jobs via NAFTA to Mexico, and Mexico exported some of its unemployed to the US. Nothing that was once made in the US and is now made in Mexico due to NAFTA could not still be made in the US. There was no pressing need for the people of the US to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs to Mexico and get Mexico's least employable in return. Mexico benefited. The corporations benefited. The people of the US did not.

  • Globalist fraudulent fiscal policies and trade scams are ruining our future.

    Who did it help in the first place, those who would prefer a one world government/police force or those pawns who are left to their devises? Mulroney got a round the world ticket and smiled for a whole year before signing the deal and f+++ed off, Harper and his corporate cronies are not interested in a sustainable future for anyone. Neo-con, progressive con, it is still all a con. Now we see our rights, our environment, our future being put up for sale like a third world flea market. It could not hurt to renegotiate trade anew with the interests of the well-being of the planet and all of its inhabitants finally added into the equation.

  • Bad Idea and it did not work

    America has seen jobs leave the country and Mexico has actually seen living conditions get worse for its workers as the wealth stays with the wealthy. American jobs have done exactly like Mr Ross Perot predicted.... Giant sucking sound of jobs leaving the country. Add in the WTO and now our jobs are in China too.

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